10 Casual Style Tips for Guys who want to look sharp

Simple strategies to stylize the slobs

As men, we have all had a point in our lives where we were, for lack of a better word, slobs. Our attire and our demeanor were greatly lacking. For many of us, we were jolted out of our rut by someone or something. Whether that was a girlfriend, a spouse, a mother, or a friend, getting that sharp grown-up look was obtainable. Yet, there are those which have never been given the crash course on style. It is not your fault, you just have not had the opportunity or the person to show the way. We are here to help. Here are casual style tips for guys who want to look sharp.

1.Tuck in your shirt and pull up your pants

Perhaps the best tip that I can give any man is to tuck in his shirt and pull up his pants. Nothing says lack of style like the rear-end glaring from a waistline. It is not swagger, it is not stylish, and there is nothing attractive about seeing a grown man’s boxers. Keep your pants about your waist. Once you have done this, tuck in your shirt. I know that many men prefer to keep their shirts untucked to hide the spare tire, but let us be honest, we are only fooling ourselves. Tuck in your shirt, pull up your pants, and if necessary use a leather belt.

2.Ironing is not a sin

If you want to look sharp, you have to learn how to iron your clothes. When I was in college this concept alluded me. I thought that I could simply put the shirts and pants in the dryer, turn it on de-wrinkle or fluff and be ok. Such is not true. Use an iron on your shirts and pants to get that crisp edge. It is not hard to do. If you need help look at some online videos or get someone to show you.

3.Match Materials

If you want to have that casual style, then you need to understand the basic of material matching. It is ok to mix and match materials to a degree, but do not go overboard with it. Leathers should match if possible. Do not have nubuck leather mixed with suede mixed with alligator hide mixed with cowhide. You will look like a bunch of dead animals threw up on you. Pick one type of leather and stick to it. Yes, you can use a thicker leather for your slim leather wallet, just ensure the colors match.

  1. Colors matter

Matching colors is an important way to have casual style. Blues and oranges for example do no tend to go well with each other, unless you are an Auburn fan at a football game. If you are going to have a bold color, have one, not multiples. Generally, I would encourage men to wear earth-tones and natural colors with perhaps one highlight piece. For example: a pair of kakis, a brown nubuck leather jacket, and a pastel blue shirt.

  1. Dress your age

Yes, there is an age limit for some styles. We have all, unfortunately seen people who dress like they are 15 when they are in their 40’s and 50s. It does not become you. To be taken seriously and to be looked upon as stylish, dress according to the popular fashions for your age bracket. This does not mean that you have to fit into stereotypes and clichés, but it does mean that you are aware that some things are just plain wrong for a grown man to wear.

  1. Ditch the advertisement shirts and go with button ups

I love a good cotton blend t-shirt as much as the next guy. However, if you are trying to get a casual style, you do not need a t-shirt, especially one which has a slogan, marketing propaganda, or one of those annoying little quips (like I am with stupid and the arrow). Stylish men do not need a big sign saying “look at me” because their clothing demands attention without such. Ditch your t-shirts for a plain button up shirt.

  1. Consider switching to a slim wallet

There is something about a slim wallet that says luxury. Think about it. If you reach into your jacket pocket and pull out a leather wallet as opposed to digging in the back rear pocket of your pants, the perception will be that you have more money and style. This is especially true if you pick one of the top slim wallets or money clips. Remember when you use a slim wallet that you must minimize the amount of clutter within it. This means no receipts and a limited number of credit cards.

  1. Groom yourself

A haircut and a comb go a long way in presenting a man as stylish. Even when attempting a casual style, a man should have well combed hair, have it trimmed (it does not have to be short) so that your hairstyle looks intentional, and have it clean. Beards can be grown out, but you may want to consider beard styling gel to get away from the “mountain man” look.

  1. Accessorize and cover up strategically

Casual style is as much covering up as it is in revealing a person. Tattoos may need to be covered, especially if you are in a business setting. Piercings may need to be removed. It is not that you are changing your personality. There is a time and place for everything. Tattoos and piercings are generally not considered stylish unless you are in a very select crowd. Just keep that in mind.

  1. The power of the breath mint

The last tip in how to have casual style is one which I did not receive until I was older. This tip is to always have a pack of mints in your pocket. Even if you brush your teeth regularly, your breath will tend to go sour during the day. Popping in a mint before a conversation may be the difference between that job, that girlfriend, or losing the two.

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