10 Cheap Ways To Improve The Value Of Your Home

Whether you are looking to sell your home or not, I bet you didn’t realise how some very simple changes around the house could make a huge difference to the value of your home.

From painting, to changing handles, to getting green fingered, we explore 10 inexpensive and easy ways to upgrade your home, which will ultimately increase the value.


Get your paintbrushes out and treat your home to a fresh lick of paint. Freshly painted rooms will make your whole home look clean and updated, not to mention inviting. If you are looking to sell your home, bear in mind that your home will have to appeal to a number of different tastes, so keep colours neutral.

Get Green Fingered!

Quite often, a garden is the first impression that you will get from a house. People will form an opinion within seven seconds of first seeing somewhere, and this first impression tends to last. So, take care of your lawn and nurse it back to help. Keep weeds at bay, and trim any overgrown bushes.

Although this might be slightly pricier and require a little more work, once you can see a difference, it will all be very much worth it!

Update Cabinet Handles!

If your kitchen is looking a little drab, but you want to keep costs down, and a complete refit seems a little daunting, do not worry.

Simply swapping out older cabinet handles, cannot only make your kitchen look completely different, but will also drastically update it.

If the cupboards themselves are looking a little worn, don’t underestimate what a coat of paint can do either.

Replace Your Tiles!

Update the splashback in your kitchen or bathroom. Retiling might seem daunting, but can be done in just a few easy steps and can make a big difference to your home.

Mosaic tiles can be bought in sheets, which can be installed in one, so you do not have to worry about investing in tiles spacers etc.

New, clean tiles will instantly update a room, and add value.

Plant A Tree!

Planting a tree in your garden can have many benefits to your home and garden, not to mention value being one of them. Obviously, this is more of a long-term future plans. Only fully-grown trees will add value to your home; however, it will look great, be good for the environment, and is a fun project that you can undertake with your family.

Remove Dated Features!

One of the biggest design features that will instantly date your property is the dreaded popcorn ceiling look.

The good news is that you can easily get rid of this yourself with a few simple products, all of which are available from your local hardware store.

Buy a softening solution, before simply scraping away the textured pieces. Once you have done this, you can then paint the surface with a clean, fresh coat of paint. This might not seem like a big change, but will make a big difference!

Update Your Bathroom!

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms to update. Start by giving it a really deep clean, and replace any old items – don’t forget the toilet seat!

Don’t rule out installing a new floor either. Vinyl tiles are incredibly inexpensive, and some can be installed straight over the old ones, so you do not even need to take up the existing floor, but will make a huge difference to the appearance.


Old and stained grout will instantly make your tiles look old and dingy.

Instead of replacing the tiles themselves, which can be hard work and often quite pricey, simply re-grout the existing tiles and replaces any chipped or broken ones.

This creates an instant uplift, at a fraction of the cost!

Clear Away Your Clutter!

Make your home more minimalistic by clearing away any clutter you might have in your home.

Think about clever storage solutions that are out of sight. If you are creative, consider turning your hand to some wood work, and create built in cupboards and benches.

Not only will this make your home look bigger, and airier, it will also make it look very modern and appealing.

Replace Your Light Fittings!

Think about the little soft furnishings in your home, and consider giving these an uplift. Change boring lamp shades for eye catching chandeliers.

These can be purchased for a relatively small price in many different stores, and will instantly add glamour and luxury to your home.

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