5 Simple Ways To Choose a Quality Protein Powder

Protein has never been as famous as it is today. Protein is a critical building block that aids in the growth, repairing muscles and maintenance so that nothing can deny its impact on strength, composition of body and performance. In this competitive world, the most popular workout supplement is protein powder. Having quality protein powder is a smart move for fitness seekers to gain positive results.


It is also important to remember that all the protein sources are not created equally. They differ in composition and benefits. So, before opting any or getting overwhelmed by any advertisements, do sufficient research and choose the Best protein powder for muscle growth which can give you 100% positive results. Just follow these five simple ways to choose a good protein powder.

  1. Mass Gainers VS Protein Powder : As guided above, you have to understand that all protein powders aren’t created equally. There are powders that are known as mass gainers which is basically a powder that contains proteins, carbs, and fats. Although, all these are required in the diet. When selecting a protein powder, a person should never purchase a mass gainer if they only want a protein powder.

Beginners always make the mistake of purchasing dummy products or less effective products. When choosing protein powder you must make sure below things :

– Low Fat (1-5 grams)

– Low Carb (1-5 grams)

– High Protein ( around 20-30 grams per serve)

  1. The Test Of Time : You should check out on how long that company or product has been serving on the market. This is another factor that you should consider when picking a protein powder. I personally recommend you to choose products that have been around for at least three years and have received positive feedback.
  1. Natural And Pure Powder : Always look at the label when finalizing a protein powder and ensure it doesn’t contain more than 7 to 10 ingredients. When choosing a powder it is also important to never getting overwhelmed by advertisements that state it has “these & those so called ingredients” that will offer you more muscle growth. These supplement companies use a dirty trick where they will include a small amount of extra ingredient that may be helpful in promoting more muscle gain on its own.
  1. Concentrate, Isolate, Or Casein : There is a lot of buzz on which type of protein is the best to ingest. Generally, it doesn’t make a big difference. Let’s understand the guideline.

Concentrate : This can be absorbed at a moderate pace and is a good source of protein powder. However, it is good to include these type of meals.

Isolate : one of the best is whey protein powder. It can be rapidly absorbed and is recommended to follow a workout to shuttle amino acids and proteins into muscle cells.

Casein : Casein has a longer digestion period, more than concentrate and isolate. So many bodybuilders and athletes include this type of protein as their final meal before bed.

  1. Stay Away From The Hype : You should not buy into the hype of huge companies that price their products above and beyond what you actually need to pay. I actually don’t mean that their products are not good or you won’t see positive results, but rather, they aren’t worth the cost they are charging.

At last, don’t get easily overwhelmed by eye-catching advertisements. Before consuming any protein powders, make sure about the ingredients. Take a suggestion from fitness trainers or use the internet to extract the quality protein powder to gain proper muscle & fitness. Create Your Unique Personality!

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