5 Tips for Finding the Right Shoes for Your Flat Feet

Are you suffering from the pain and sore brought by having flat feet? Do you pick any shoe in the store and suffer foot pain after? Well, that’s because the shoe might not be really made for your foot type. But, hey! Who wants a pair of shoes that doesn’t match well with their feet? Surely, every pair of shoes must fit perfectly with its owner and shoes should always give comfort to its owner.

Whenever we buy shoes, you should get what you want, but since you have flat feet, you’ll never realize your mistake until you walk a mile wearing the wrong pair of shoes. Therefore, you should pick the perfect pair for your flat feet.

To choose the right pair of shoes, you should first understand what having flat feet means and its impact to your everyday lives. And you’ve come to the right source! Here, we are going to give you the information that you’ve been looking for.

How Do Flat Feet Affect People?

Having flat feet is now a common thing that we have always observed. Even if you are a child, teen or an adult, it doesn’t give you the safety from the risk of having one. In fact, one study revealed that about seventy percent of the people from the United States suffered from foot pain, which includes people who have flat feet.

To find out if you have flat feet, check if your feet have fallen arches or have no arch.  Your feet will become stiffer and sometimes come with unbearable pain on your ankle. Also, if you are feeling a bit stressed or tired a lot, then you should take that as a sign.

That’s quite a big number, but you shouldn’t give up if you are suffering from one. There are a lot of shoes out there that you can try to add comfort in your feet. And we can help you with that! That is why here, we are going to share some tips for you to find the right pair of shoes for your flat feet.

  1. Find Footwear with Great Arch Support

Since you have flat feet, then you should use some shoes that will provide you a great arch support. With the help of certain arch supports, you can avoid touching the ground with your whole, bare feet. Thus, it will make your feet more strained because your ligaments and tendons became used to it.

Never let this continue! You might not notice it right away, but look how the simple pain becomes unbearable as time passes by. Also, these arches are created to make you feel more comfortable through lifting the pressure of your body weight.

Still not convinced yet? Then, try to compare yourself to buildings and other infrastructures. You are also carrying your entire weight. Observe some other buildings around you and notice how the arches help in supporting the weight of the entire building. It supports the building so that it won’t collapse. Imagine if the building has straight foundations, the weight wouldn’t be maximized. You don’t want to see a falling infrastructure, do you? So, you have the same case! Having good arch supports will aid you in keeping your balance so that you won’t fall.

  1. Add A Pair of Running Shoes to Your Collection

Finding footwear with inbuilt arch support is a little bit hard, isn’t it? Especially if you don’t have any idea on what types of shoes offer such aid. Then, you must try adding a pair of running shoes to your collection. Why? Simply because running shoes provide better arch support compared to other shoe types.

Also, most of these shoes is innovated by podiatrists to help you in your troubles. It can even treat your fallen arches. If not, then it will still take your worries away because it will make you feel like you don’t have any foot problems at all!

In addition, running shoes is typically light-weight and have perfect cushioning which will add comfort when you wear it. To support you further, it also increases your stability control so your balance is better off with the help of running shoes.

  1. Grab A Durable Pair of Shoes

If you have flat feet, then you might feel a little bit unstable whenever you walk or run. To conquer that, we thought that selecting shoes which are more durable will give you better foot support. Having this type of shoe, you are assured that every step you make is as durable as the pair of shoe that you are wearing.

Simply put, durable type of shoes will not twist in the middle portion as this will just let your feet maintain the flatness they already have.  Also, if you won’t be able to address the twisted part properly, the middle part of your feet will experience unbearable aching which is caused by the discomfort with the shoes as you walk.

  1. Try Orthopedic Footwear

Having several types of shoes that are proven effective and provides comfort for people with flat feet might not be enough for some people. There are no other ways to be sure than to listen from the advice and the creation of medical experts!

Go and visit the nearest specialist in your area and have your orthopedic footwear customized. It won’t give you any pain and in fact, it will even cast those aches away. Such orthopedic footwear helps your feet to disseminate your body weight evenly through adding support in your arch whenever you run, walk or stand.

  1. Augment Your Shoes with Some Foot Supporting Materials

Some people are just very sentimental with their things. And if you are one of them, then you are also not willing to throw those old shoes away. But it’s still possible to use them. Just add a little reinforcement with those old shoes and continue using them!

Also, there are several shoes that don’t give proper support for people with flat feet. Such footwear includes high heels, flip-flops and much more. You might be owning one of those shoes, but you’re not willing to throw them away. So here, we brought the solution to your concern.

Your beloved shoes will need some arch support to give you the same comfort that it offers as to those people who doesn’t have flat feet. Find some insoles which are meant for arch support. It is available in many stores, so it’s not hard in finding one for yourself. Never miss such augmentation because your feet badly need them.

Final Words

There are a lot of shoes out there and surely, one of them fits you perfectly. If you have flat feet, you just need to be a little bit cautious in picking one so that you will not experience extreme pain after. Consider our tips and from now on, enjoy every step that you will make!

Author Bio

 Lisa Miller is the founder and editor in chief at FootCareSource.com, a foot health blog dedicated to providing trusted advice and information about foot health, foot wear and foot friendly lifestyle choices. Check out her blog to find more about Lisa and her work.




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