5 Travel Gift Ideas for You or Your Loved Ones

Buying gifts for frequent travelers and wanderlust enthusiasts isn’t always easy. Travelers collect experiences not possessions and often travel light, on a shoestring, with as few possessions as possible.

However, there are plenty of products and gadgets that inspire and delight travelers. Here we break down five travel gift ideas for those with itchy feet and an adventurous spirit.

A Scratch Map

You or your loved one can keep your trips with you long after you have returned home with a wall scratch map. These maps allow travelers to scratch off the countries they have visited, creating a brightly colored map of their global travels. Whether you use it as inspiration to see more of the world, or as a delicate reminder of your recent trips, this is a crowd-pleaser that will delight any travel enthusiast.

Lightweight Hairdryer

Everyone wants to look good on their vacation. Hairdryers can be a cause of anxiety for travelers. Their bulky stature means nobody wants to use up valuable luggage space transporting one from home. However, not every hotel and guesthouse has a hairdryer for guests to use.

New supersonic hairdryers can weigh as little as two pounds and fit snugly in a suitcase. From such a small device, they are able to produce large amounts of air and have lightning-fast drying speeds, making them an ideal gift for anyone that can’t live without their hairdryer.

Travel Guitars

For the musically minded traveler, guitars offer a way to connect with new people and bring people together. Music transcends geographical boundaries and cultural demarcations. Travel guitars are a great gift idea for anyone with musical talent flowing through their veins that needs to share it with the world.

A World Subscription Box

The post-travel blues is definitely a thing. Coming back from a trip abroad, to familiar smells, sights and routines triggers negative emotions and the mourning of your freedom and independence.

But what if you could experience some of the excitement of exploring a new place, culture, and cuisine from the comfort of your home? World subscription boxes are delivered to your home and contain snacks, ingredients, and drinks from different countries around the globe. Try your hand at cooking with Chilean sea salt, dried tropical fruits, and an array of herbs and spices from the windswept corners of the earth.

A Microfiber Towel

Towels are one of the biggest space hoarders when it comes to packing. Cotton towels are thick, and on overnight trips or weekend getaways when you are only travelling with an overnight bag, a towel becomes the bulk of your luggage.

Microfiber towels are lightweight, compact and quick-drying, making them perfectly suited for travelers on the go. You don’t have to worry about a wet towel making all your clothes damp and adding unnecessary weight to your baggage. A microfiber towel doesn’t hold water, allowing you to roll it up and stick it in a bag without the fear of soaking your other clothes and going over your baggage weight allowance.

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