A Guide to Fat Burners

The market for fat burners has exploded over the past few years and we could say that this is partly down to the fact that fitness in general has recently become a mainstream topic. Social media has helped bring fitness back into style, with more and more people aspiring towards a healthier way of life, which can be difficult considering we live in a society where convenience food is so cheap and accessible. However, as with any market where advertising and ingredients are involved (such as cosmetics) there should always be a level of caution around consumer choices. This is because these markets frequently sell products that include redundant or potentially dangerous artificial ingredients.

Most supplements on the market won’t do any harm, but may also not be doing what they say on the package, in which case you could be wasting your money.  The FDA has also banned a lot of ingredients from human consumption, such as DNP, a popular fat burner which is legal as a pesticide, but potentially fatal in humans. There are also risks when buying supplements that include vague or questionable ingredient lists, as illegal ingredients can find their way online, or even in store based products.

This is why it’s important to research the ingredients in your potential fat burner and also be realistic about your aims, as many supplements probably won’t be as effective as you think. The infographic below by eBody has gathered a list of popular supplements that should be avoided, but also ones which can actually aid you in your weight loss journey.


When it comes to supplements, natural ingredients are usually far more effective and usually have fewer side effects associated with them. A lot of fat burners simply work by speeding up your metabolic rate due to caffeine content (which you should speak to your doctor about if you have a known sensitivity), but other good fat burners also work by suppressing the appetite to help curve unhealthy binges. A truly useful fat burner however, will include ingredients that will improve your overall feeling of wellness, such as green tea, green coffee and guarana seed extract. These ingredients contain caffeine and polyphenols that speed up your metabolism, but also contain other helpful ingredients. Guarana seed extract includes alkaloids that increase energy levels and promote mental clarity, while green coffee beans contain antioxidants that inhibit fat absorption, enabling stored fat to be burned quicker in the long term.

Fat burning supplements can be beneficial when used in conjunction with healthy eating habits and regular exercise. As a supplement the aim is never to replace a healthy lifestyle, but to accelerate results where necessary. Natural supplements are a great option for anyone who needs an extra push as they can provide this support, as well as feelings of overall wellness, thanks to their medicinal and detoxing properties.

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