Benefits Of A Juicing Holiday From Head To Toe

You might already occasionally grab a smoothie when out and about; the Daily Mail reports that Britons spent nearly £100 million on smoothies last year. However, many nutritional benefits of juicing might still have eluded your notice. Here are some of the biggest merits of a juicing getaway – and how different juices can help your body in different ways.

It could help you get your five-a-day

Many of us have read or heard the recommendation of consuming five pieces of fruit or vegetables daily. However, if you often have difficulty finding such foods for ticking these boxes while remaining pleasing to your taste buds, then juicing could ease things for you.

The British Fruit Juice Association’s Dr Sarah Schenker has enthused that juiced fruit provides “essential nutrients such as vitamin C, B vitamins and potassium as well as other natural substances with potential health benefits.” She added about fruit juicing: “For people who are struggling with their five-a-day, it can be a useful option.”

Beetroot juice and cherry juice could reduce your blood pressure

Blood pressure is dangerously high in as much as a third of people in Britain, says the Daily Mail. However, there is evidence that consuming beetroot juice and Montmorency cherry juice could lower blood pressure.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently published research which linked drinking 60ml of Montmorency cherry juice with a 7% reduction in blood pressure for the following three hours. This juice is deemed to assist in lowering arterial stiffness.

There is, however, even more evidence of beetroot juice’s beneficial effect on blood pressure. Beetroot can be juiced easily – and just one 250ml serving of it a day can, in four weeks, bring an eight-point reduction in systolic blood pressure, shows Queen Mary University of London research.

Be as cool as a cucumber… drinker

Cucumbers can be valuable in helping ward off cancer, explains My Juice Cleanse. That benefit remains when these vegetables – as they are often classified, though they are actually technically a fruit – are juiced. One big reason why is that cucumbers’ soluble fibre, which smoothes the absorption of nutrients via the intestinal tract, remains intact throughout the juicing process.

Cucumbers have plant lignans which can lead to anti-oestrogenic effects. There is evidence that, by consuming dietary lignans from such plant foods as cucumbers, you might be able to decrease your likelihood of developing oestrogen-related cancers including breast and ovary cancers.

You can enjoy a reinvigorating holiday in a beautiful setting

It might not seem particularly revelatory to say that, by embarking on a holiday, you can refresh yourself both physically and mentally. However, this is especially the case when your getaway is one of the juicing holidays available from Prestige Boot Camp.

That company can offer you a juicing retreat in the historic and vibrant city of Lagos in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. You can spend time there not only sipping juices, but also getting into good physical shape thanks to Prestige Boot Camp’s world class trainers.

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