How Best to Choose an Emergency Plumbing Service

There’s nothing worse than having a plumbing emergency, whether it be a leaky tap, a blocked sink, or (worse), a blocked toilet or drain. This kind of plumbing emergency is something that has happened to all of us once or twice, and we all know how it feels to not be able to find the right plumber at these times. Luckily, there are now plenty of emergency plumbing services available which are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But even though the number of emergency plumbers has risen, this doesn’t mean that all of them provide a good service. There are some plumbers, according to news reports, who have been known to charge exorbitant fees for the simplest of jobs. If you don’t want to become victim to an unscrupulous plumber, here’s how best to choose an emergency plumbing service.

First, do your research

If you have time, it’s best to do the proper research about plumbers and plumbing services in your area first. Your best resource for this would be the Internet, especially if you cannot rely on any word-of-mouth recommendations. There should be a list of plumbers in the area where you live, and you should start taking down the numbers of plumbing services which are located nearest to you or seem to be the most accessible.

Once you have made a short-list of plumbers in your area, it’s time to give them a ring and ask each one a number of important questions.

The questions you should ask

There are some essential questions you should ask a prospective emergency plumber, first of which is how long they have been operating or have been in the industry. If they have been in business for some years, this is generally a good sign. If you can, check their website as well – if their website provides clear and straightforward information and looks legitimate, then that’s a good sign as well.

Another important question you can ask is related to references. Ask your prospective plumber if they can provide you with references, and if they can also provide you with details of similar jobs or projects they have undertaken.

You should also find out if the plumbing service comes with insurance cover so your property is duly protected and covered in case something goes wrong. If the work of the plumber or plumbing service is guaranteed, then all the better.

Additional tips

Don’t settle for the very first plumbing service you see. Contact two to three plumbing services and ask each about their prices, their charges and fees for call-outs, and their rates per hour as well as the price of equipment and parts, when necessary.

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