How to Bring More Natural Light into Your Home

There are plenty of natural light benefits when it comes to your physical and mental health. Therefore, it’s no wonder that people seek ways to introduce more natural light into their homes even unconsciously. There are plenty of ways to do this, and you may not even be aware of what you can do with your home. Sometimes, it’s easy to give up just because you simply don’t have the room or budget for adding extra windows. But this is not the only way, even though it’s definitely an obvious one. To boost the natural lighting inside your home turn to the following tips for help and inspiration.

1. White eaves

This is a pretty simple trick that will effectively increase the amount of natural light in your home. Namely, your roof overhangs above the windows are called eaves. These reflect light into your home through the windows. If you paint the eaves white, you’ll also boost the bounce of sunlight. And the best part is that the eaves won’t be visible from the street so in case white is not present in your home exterior it still won’t disturb the overall look.

2. Use bright colors for your interior

Bright colors reflect the light more than dark colors, and there’s obviously no brighter color than white. If you don’t really want to paint your interior white only, you can opt for some other shades that still fit in the brighter tone category. However, try to keep your ceilings white at least. Ceilings painted in other colors can minimize the visual appearance of the whole space as well as the reflection of light. Also, a great trick would be to use higher gloss paint for even more reflection.

3. Change your tiles

Obviously, you won’t have just paint everywhere. In case you especially want to boost the natural light in your kitchen and/or bathroom, you may want to replace the tiles you have with ones that are highly reflective, imitate glass or are actually made of glass. Replacing all tiles at once can truthfully be a bit expensive, so, if you’re on a budget, you can start by replacing just a couple of random tiles, thus creating an interesting pattern as well. In the same vein, you can do this for your kitchen backsplash, too; install one if you don’t already have it, or use glossy vinyl wallpaper for this purpose.

4. Replacement windows

A lot of windows these days are finished with a metallic low-e coating, which unfortunately tends to block a lot of natural light. Of course, windows replacement is not the most effortless home update, but it’s certainly more cost-effective than making room for more windows and/or glass wall blocks in order to boost the natural light indoors. With less low-e coating on your window panes, you’ll also enjoy more sunlight during the day.

5. Efficient doors

Another great way of adding more natural light to your home without actually tearing down any walls is to simply replace your regular heavy doors with solid, tempered glass sliding doors. Not only will this help you save some room, but these doors are known to boost the overall curb appeal as well. Obviously, since the biggest part of these doors is actually made of glass, you can expect plenty of sunlight as well as a beautiful view if you use them as an entrance to your garden/patio area.

6. Consider ceiling skylights

If you’re actually ready to tackle the project of adding more windows to your home both money- and effort-wise, but the only issue you have is that you simply don’t have the wall space for more windows, the solution may as well be in the installation of skylights (“roof windows”). After all, this is definitely one of the most effective ways to increase the amount of natural light inside your home. Not to mention the beauty and magic of moonlight at night as well.

In order to bring more natural light to your home and your life, you can have fun with the greenery outdoors. Of course, keep the greenery nicely trimmed and neat so that you get to enjoy spending time outside, and allow the sun rays to enter your home freely.

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