Business Marketing in 2019

Various marketing methods discussed including social media, data capture to profile customers and ‘old fashioned’ yet effective methods such as strong branding.

Ways and means of getting the word out in ever-more competitive markets

Promoting and marketing what a business offers is becoming both easier in that there are now more marketing options open to most businesses, but harder in that people are subject to more ‘marketing messages’ each day and it can be more difficult to attract and hold their attention.

Assessing marketing options and making the most of opportunities to spread the word is ever-more important in 2019.


Having a strong brand is important for all types of business, large or small, and is a marketing method that, amidst others that go in and out of fashion to a degree, will always be vital.

Branding isn’t just logos and designs though – a strong brand is making an impression on people and what comes to mind for them when they see a company’s branding or think of the company.

Promoting a brand is important and whatever opportunities there are to do so should be taken.

Business stationery, the web presence and social media pages and channels should all be branded properly and any company transport used for business should have commercial vehicle branding undertaken by an expert.

Your mobile billboard and calling card

A business using vehicles should be fully branded; it’s a great opportunity to create a favourable impression and spread the word about a company.

Making the most of a brand on vehicles with professional graphics and designs is a worthwhile expense and immediately puts a company’s name and brand in front of many people each day.

Pros and cons of modern marketing trends

More marketing options are open these days thanks largely to the rise of social media and data technology.


The costs are less of a barrier to smaller operators as certain marketing methods are relatively cheap such as some forms of social media, and huge amounts of data can be gathered and stored relatively inexpensively in the cloud as opposed to expensive hard storage facilities.

It’s now easier than ever to understand who the customer is and what they need thanks to profiling through using modern POS (Point of Sale) tech and other profiling methods, and thus ensure the product or service offering meets the market’s needs.


Competing for people’s attention is harder than ever; due to the regular bombardment through the usual television and print media and increased online advertising and promotion many consumers are becoming more ‘immune’ to marketing messages.

Promotional emails may not be read or, if they are, just given a cursory glance and marketing through social media has to be done carefully as people aren’t really in ‘buying mode’ when clicking around on Facebook or Instagram.

It’s about building a relationship with potential and actual customers before actively trying to sell to them; a process that takes time.

Here are some pros and cons of social media in particular.

Bricks and mortar

If a business has a physical presence such as a premises like a shop or somewhere people visit, then tidiness, cleanliness and how staff interact with customers is an important part of the marketing effort.

People buy from people and if a business looks and acts in a professional manner then this, reinforced by a strong brand, acts as a powerful marketing method in attracting and retaining customers.

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