Planning on Running a Marathon? CBD Could Be Your Next Ticket

As a generally healthy person and active athlete, using cannabis—medical or otherwise— has never really been on my radar. But approximately a year ago, my fitness trainer suggested I try some samples of CBD. I wasn’t exactly sure what CBD was, and I surely had no idea that it could benefit me in so many ways—let alone help me prepare to run a marathon.

I had heard about CBD but did not relate it at all to a healthy lifestyle and could not imagine that pot and fitness could go hand in hand. I mean, how could using weed contribute at all to athletic performance? I admit, I had numerous misgivings and nearly decided against it. I’m pretty glad I did not, however. Ultimately, educating myself about medical cannabis was what made all the difference.

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Top Tips For Enjoying Successful Group Cycling

Cycling in a group can be significantly more challenging than riding alone, with people’s abilities often varying quite widely.

It can be difficult to achieve continuity during a group ride when you have beginners struggling to keep up with more experienced cyclists, but there are several ways you can benefit from either helping to lead the slower riders or working towards keeping up with the faster riders of the group.

Whether you’re professional, intermediate or beginner level, group cycling is an excellent way to stay healthy and enjoy the great outdoors.

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Paddling for Fitness: What Kayaking can do for Your Muscles and Body

Kayaking is a popular outdoor sport that offers many health benefits to its practitioners. From toning your muscles and body to helping you relieve stress, practicing kayaking offers one of the best ways to get in shape. And unlike running or other forms of exercise, kayaking doesn’t cause damaging wear and tear on your body.

But just as important as its fitness rewards is that kayaking is an enjoyable activity that you can look forward to. So whether you’re thinking about becoming a whitewater badass or just practicing it with your friends, you’ll be enjoying the recreational and fitness benefits that only kayaking can offer.

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How to Workout Without a Gym

The internet has made known in all aspects attainable. Naturally, the fitness industry isn’t the one to lag behind. Everything that you need to know about attaining the perfect body can be found with a single tap of the internet.

Meaning, unless you live under a rock, there’s no other excuse for you NOT to achieve your ideal physique. Decades ago, most people believe that getting your dream body wouldn’t be possible without hitting the gym. But that mindset isn’t exactly the right one.

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Tips To Prevent The Onset Of Muscle Pain After Exercise

Exercising is necessary in any daily regimen to maintain a healthy life style. Combined with eating well, your body should be the epitome of health. However, when exercise is taken to the extreme or parts of the body become strained, there can be an intense pain when warming down your muscles known as “muscle fever.” These are some ways to avoid that muscle pain; so that you can keep on those weights pumping without the physical consequences.

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The Hidden Health Benefits of Housework

Did you know carrying the shopping for nine minutes is the equivalent of running a 400m race? Perhaps you might like to know that gardening for roughly 45 minutes is as tiring as a steeplechase over 3000m. It may also interest you that cleaning windows at home for five minutes is as taxing as swimming 100m. Great insights, so how do we know all of this..?

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Tips for Gaining a Lean Belly for an Officer

Due to the long sitting hours, a number of officers find themselves developing a lot of belly fat. This is a condition where the calories accumulate around the belly due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Despite this, you can still reduce the belly fat by changing your lifestyle and eating habit as you involve yourself in a number of fitness exercises. Here are tips on how to reduce the belly fat.

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Get a Whiter, Brighter Smile

A healthy smile showing white teeth is attractive to others and imparts confidence in the person with that beautiful smile. Teeth whitening are the easiest and least expensive method for making a big difference in the appearance of your smile. The Smile Centre offers teeth whitening treatment in Manchester with options for both in-office and at home whitening.

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Weighing In On Lean Muscle Mass

The reasons for wanting to work out and develop lean muscle mass are as varied and plentiful as the people who engage in them. For some, it is a means to an end: getting stronger to enhance sport performance. For others, it is all about the aesthetics: building a physique that looks great and wins body building competitions.

Whatever the reasons are for wanting to build lean muscle mass, recent research has made a very strong case that it has health benefits far beyond just becoming stronger or looking like a model.  Sufficient amounts of lean body mass are actually critical for building a healthy life over the long-term.

Here are a few guidelines on how to build lean muscle mass naturally:

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Running with Flat Feet: Tips and Tricks to Prevent the Pain

Running is a great way to get outside and stay in shape, but for many runners with flat feet, it’s also a guarantee that their ankles are going to ache the following day. Flat feet and low arches can cause several problems for runners, from tendonitis to chronic back issues. If you have flat feet or fallen arches, there are a couple of things that you can do to avoid injury and prevent pain after your run.

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