Top 5 Summer Foods you Should Eat this Year

You change your wardrobe when spring weather starts turning into the summer heat. Do you do the same for your diet? 

You need to change your diet so your body can fully adapt to the summers. Summertime means humidity, heat and sticky weather, which most commonly cause dehydration and sweating. 

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Do and Don’ts of Smoothie Making

Smoothies are still the popular drink of choice, whether it’s as a post workout pick-me-up or a nutritious breakfast for those on the go in the mornings. There are so many different recipes out there for smoothies that it can get confusing.

And with many including ingredients like ice cream and lots of fruit it can be easy to create a calorific dessert when you are trying to develop a healthier option – so we have compiled some of the do’s and don’ts of smoothie making and how to keep them healthy.

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Simple Ways to Detox

There is no shortage of information when it comes down to diets, detoxing and juice cleansing, however, the question remains, what is good for you? While there is no wrong answer to this, everyone is different and each of our bodies react differently to different methods. Detoxing has been used for many years because of the benefits you gain such as shedding a few pounds and getting rid of excess waste buildup in your colon to name a few, but the key to success depends on your diet.

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What Is the Difference Between Organic and Natural Cheese?

So, you’re browsing through the cheese aisle of your local supermarket, but the big question is, which one do you go for? There are so many to pick and choose from that we can sometimes end up just picking the first one that we see off the shelf, regardless of how good it really is. As we all strive to incorporate healthier choices into our diet, many of us are now choosing to go with organic products and you can now buy organic cheese too! But what is the difference between organic and natural cheese? Below, we explain the difference and which one you should be choosing for overall health and, of course, taste!

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My Favourite Place in Liverpool

Last Saturday I managed to forget how to say no. It was a simple question from my other half, one which normally meets an automatic response. It doesn’t take any thought and, to be honest, I probably don’t even hear the question most of the time.

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4 Tips for Great Food Packaging Design

Food packaging aims primarily to protect the product, and for the packaging design to be attractive to the customer. Generally, the package should sell itself and speak for the brand. The brand needs to have a strong identity and a distinct packaging, which delivers clearly and concisely the necessary relevant information the target customers need to know about the product. Here are four tips for great food packaging designs, no matter what food product you are selling.

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Checking Your Gas Cookers

Every day we use the appliances in our house without a second thought. Every time we need to use them, they just turn on and work. It’s the way our world works.

Except that is, the one time when you really need it to work and no matter what you do, it just will not turn on. Somehow it knows how much you need it to work and it has waited until this moment to break.

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