Vaping: Why Bad Press Doesn’t Equate To Bad News

Among those concerned about vaping, 2019 might be remembered as the year that many people were alerted to the “true” dangers of vaping. The US-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported over 1,000 cases of Evali, a vaping-associated lung injury. 

Of the people affected, 34 have died, the CDC revealed. However, while the catastrophic effects of these deaths to the victims’ families shouldn’t be understated, the real question shouldn’t be whether vaping is dangerous but whether it remains safer than conventional tobacco smoking. 

So, what’s the bad press?

According to the CDC, 86% of the people who fell ill as a result of vaping had, during the three months prior, used THC products. The term THC is shorthand for tetrahydrocannabinol, a cannabis compound which is psychoactive – hence why it’s responsible for making cannabis users “high”.

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Varicose Vein Exercises

Varicose veins are not only unsightly and annoying, but they’re often painful. In some cases, they’re even debilitating. While some exercises may be off-limits for people with vein problems, others are safe and highly recommended. In fact, regular exercise can help improve the circulation problems that can cause varicose veins in the first place.

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New Age, New Options: Are You Familiar with These 3 Modern Approaches to Belly Fat Reduction?

As time goes by, more and more fat removal options are discovered. With the availability of numerous scientific techniques available, it can be difficult to decide what it is you are looking for. Belly fat reduction, for instance, can be done using a myriad of scientific or technological processes. The problem, however, is deciding the kind of procedure that is ideal for your case. The latest high-tech belly fat reduction techniques include the following:

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Top 5 Tips to Protect Your Eyes from Harmful Blue Light

Do you spend a majority of your waking hours staring at a digital screen? You may end up experiencing vision problems due to this prolonged exposure to blue light!

You may already be aware of the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays to your eyes, but it’s a lesser known fact that blue light from digital screens is far more harmful! You may experience headaches or severe pain in your eyes. It also affects your vision, leads to sleep disorders, and increases the risk of developing many eye diseases.

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Simple Ways to Detox

There is no shortage of information when it comes down to diets, detoxing and juice cleansing, however, the question remains, what is good for you? While there is no wrong answer to this, everyone is different and each of our bodies react differently to different methods. Detoxing has been used for many years because of the benefits you gain such as shedding a few pounds and getting rid of excess waste buildup in your colon to name a few, but the key to success depends on your diet.

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How to Beat Insomnia

Do you lay awake in bed at night struggling to get a good night’s sleep? If this sounds like you and you cannot fall asleep no matter how tired you are, then you could be suffering from insomnia. Insomnia is a huge problem and is far more common than you may think! It can have a seriously detrimental effect on your mood, energy levels and stop you from being able to function properly during the day. In the long-term, it can also start to cause you serious health problems if it is not deal with. There is no need to suffer in silence and endure sleepless nights. Below, we have listed a few simple changes that you can make in your day to day life that will hopefully help you to get a good night’s sleep.

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Things You Should be Aware of When You Go for a CT scan

CT (computed tomography) scans are common enough nowadays, as they are frequently used in diagnosing a wide range of health problems. But, there are certain cases in which you should not undertake such a scan, as in the following cases:

If you have an allergy to iodine or contrast media you can perform the test, but avoid the administration of contrast.

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