Public Speaking in London – Presentation Skills Training

Based in the City of London, we often work with fear of public speaking especially people whose careers depend on them regularly giving presentations to groups of varying sizes.

Public speaking can serve the purpose of transmitting information, telling a story, motivating people to act or encouraging people. This type of speech is deliberately structured with three general purposes: to inform, to persuade and to entertain. Knowing when public speaking is most effective and how it is done properly are key to understanding the importance of it.

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What Factors Can Lead To Website Penalty By Google

While one will find numerous SEO experts in their circle, making sure that the website is keeping up with everything that does not get flagged by Google is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Sometimes people don’t even realise that their site has been penalised. Well, some obvious factors can help identify whether a site is penalised by Google or not. Articles not getting ranked, page one positions going down to page two or even three, no result on running a site search are a few of them.

And once any site is penalised by Google, the struggle that follows to revert it can be quite an ordeal. So, along with making sure that one’s content is engaging and correctly optimised, there are a bunch of factors that one ought to take care of.

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The Morning Routine

It is always around this time of year, when the weather has started to change and I finally get to leave the house in the light.

Throughout the whole winter, I sit in my car on the motorway and it’s pitch black outside. The headlights create a stream into my windscreen and it’s close to being mesmerising. I spend half of the year driving to and from work in the dark. 

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The Long Trip To Work

I drive to work. Like the majority of people I know, my journey doesn’t work on public transport. I get up and drive every morning.

There’s nothing wrong with my drive, I hit a couple of A roads and then the M25 and another motorway off into the countryside. I quiet enjoy my journey to and from work and I chose to live this far away from work. It allows me a complete separation from all aspects of my job. I will literally never see any of my colleges outside of work.

I enjoy it because I chose that. It might be a few hours of my day, but it’s my few hours alone where I can think and dream of other things.

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Business Marketing in 2019

Various marketing methods discussed including social media, data capture to profile customers and ‘old fashioned’ yet effective methods such as strong branding.

Ways and means of getting the word out in ever-more competitive markets

Promoting and marketing what a business offers is becoming both easier in that there are now more marketing options open to most businesses, but harder in that people are subject to more ‘marketing messages’ each day and it can be more difficult to attract and hold their attention.

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A Guide To Sydney

Just a short 20+ hours flight away is one of the world’s most beautiful cities Sydney.  Situated to the east of the Pacific Ocean, Sydney has the Blue Mountains to its west and Hawkesbury river to its north.  The city itself sits on the world’s best-known harbours, where you are greeted by the magnificent wonders of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.  Not far from the city you have the Bondi beach, where lots of beautiful people spend their day surfing and topping up their tans. Not far from the city you will also be able to head out a famous Aussie bushwalk in Manly.

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My New World At Work

I work in a pretty typical office. We have a ring of offices around the outside of our floor, where the important people sit all day long doing nothing important. Then there are the rest of us in the middle, a vast open plan office, made up of clusters and pods of desks.

It’s a friendly place to work, as you never really know who you will be working next to each day. The hot desking policy is rife and very actively encouraged.

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How To Better Your Career

No matter what industry or field you work in, there is a whole host of ways in which you can take steps to better your career. One of the main avenues is to study your way to a promotion. Whether it’s a night class, an online course or something else altogether, there are plenty of ways you can give yourself the best chance of getting ahead.

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