A Guide To Sydney

Just a short 20+ hours flight away is one of the world’s most beautiful cities Sydney.  Situated to the east of the Pacific Ocean, Sydney has the Blue Mountains to its west and Hawkesbury river to its north.  The city itself sits on the world’s best-known harbours, where you are greeted by the magnificent wonders of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.  Not far from the city you have the Bondi beach, where lots of beautiful people spend their day surfing and topping up their tans. Not far from the city you will also be able to head out a famous Aussie bushwalk in Manly.

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My New World At Work

I work in a pretty typical office. We have a ring of offices around the outside of our floor, where the important people sit all day long doing nothing important. Then there are the rest of us in the middle, a vast open plan office, made up of clusters and pods of desks.

It’s a friendly place to work, as you never really know who you will be working next to each day. The hot desking policy is rife and very actively encouraged.

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How To Better Your Career

No matter what industry or field you work in, there is a whole host of ways in which you can take steps to better your career. One of the main avenues is to study your way to a promotion. Whether it’s a night class, an online course or something else altogether, there are plenty of ways you can give yourself the best chance of getting ahead.

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