Chintz – The 2017 design trend?

Google are renowned for being the kings of office design and in their newest headquarters in Soho they have themed and named each room.

‘Granny’s flat’ features chintzy lampshades and velour covered squishy armchairs, in place of recently favoured industrial style furnishings and clinical environments.

So how can you recreate this new (yet seen before) style?

Google have padded walls with floral fabrics and created snugs for their staff.  Mixing soft furnishings and introducing clashing fabrics will work in offices on a smaller scale. Old fashioned lampshades that once looked at home in your grandmother’s living room are now taking centre stage, hung in groups in offices and breakout spaces. Mix this with contemporary, practical office furniture and you have a creative space fit for a Search Engine King.

Home from Home

Concrete and wooden floors within Googles newest meeting rooms have been replaced with thick, indulgent carpets and snugs introduced for their staff. Allowing your staff to bring a sense of their homes into the work place seems to make perfect sense, considering the average office worker is sedentary at their office desk for more than 8 hours a day. With more people working flexibly between work and home, the lines are becoming blurred. Why would you not want to wear your slippers whilst at your office desk?

What else for 2017 offices?

Privacy is becoming a big feature in offices as we enter 2017, with individual booths and high backed sofas making a big splash in the office design scene.

Versatility within the office is now paramount. As staff hot-desk, offices are being utilised in a more fluid fashion. Meeting rooms that double up as extra workstations or break out areas are useful when free space is at a premium.

Inconvenient offices encourage us to spend less time sitting at our desks. Instead of surrounding us with everything we need, the design of the office deliberately makes us get up to fetch items we need, or to talk to others.


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