How Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight

Most of us can’t function in the mornings before we’ve had a nice big cuppa’ joe. What most of us don’t know though, is that your cup of coffee could hold the key to a treasure trove of fat burning secrets! Sitting back and enjoying your cup of morning coffee could be the first step on your successful fat loss journey!

Coffee’s Fat Burning Secrets Revealed

So how does coffee help you lose weight? Caffeine helps your body to start the process of lipolysis, the way in which your body converts fat from your diet into fatty acids and glycerol to be absorbed into your bloodstream and translated into energy for your cells. This process represents what we call “burning fat” and is the way your body creates the energy your cells need to carry out their vital life functions, and helps you to lose weight.

Keeping You Alert

Coffee can also help you lose weight by keeping you alert, and therefore allowing more energy for activities. Before we go to sleep, a chemical in the brain called Adenosine binds to adenosine receptors in our brain. This binding of Adenosine to receptors slows down nerve activity in the brain, and allows nerves to dilate to let in more oxygen for sleep. Adenosine is a byproduct of activity, which is why we feel tired after a long day of physical or mental exercise like spending the day at work. Caffeine is an Adenosine antagonist, which means that when caffeine enters the break, it binds to adenosine receptors and blocks the binding of adenosine. This is possible because caffeine and adenosine molecules are very similar in their structure. This why you feel more alert and more prepared for a day of studying or doing your taxes after ingesting caffeine. The more awake you feel, the more ready you feel for exercise, which is another way coffee can help you lose weight.

Which Forms of Caffeine are Best?

Most of us get our coffee from places like Starbucks or McDonald’s, which is great for a quick pick-me-up, but not so great if your goal is to lose weight. Coffee and caffeinated beverages from fast food joints are pumped full of sugar which is not the best bet for weight loss. If you were hoping to lose weight while sipping your pumpkin spice latte, you’ll have to turn to other forms of caffeine to do the trick. The best way to control what goes into your coffee is to grind it at home. Grinding your own coffee ensures that your coffee retains all the natural oils and of course caffeine that can be lost in commercial coffee grinding processes. There are tons of affordable coffee grinders on the market that are perfect for creating a fine blend to kick start your day and give you the caffeine your body is craving. Investing in a good coffee grinder is an essential part of giving your body high quality, sugar free caffeine to help boost your fat burning metabolism.

By ingesting safe amounts of high quality caffeine and limiting your sugar intake, it is totally possible to turn your daily coffee into an integral part of your healthy lifestyle.

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