What Is the Difference Between Organic and Natural Cheese?

So, you’re browsing through the cheese aisle of your local supermarket, but the big question is, which one do you go for? There are so many to pick and choose from that we can sometimes end up just picking the first one that we see off the shelf, regardless of how good it really is. As we all strive to incorporate healthier choices into our diet, many of us are now choosing to go with organic products and you can now buy organic cheese too! But what is the difference between organic and natural cheese? Below, we explain the difference and which one you should be choosing for overall health and, of course, taste!

Natural vs Organic

So, let’s start off by delving into what the basic differences are between natural and organic cheese. The first thing that you should know is that these are two completely different products, so don’t get them mixed up on the supermarket shelves! While we tend to associate the word natural with being healthier, in relation to cheese this is not always the case. For example, a vegetable can be natural, no matter the size and shape of it, however, while it won’t have lots of added additives to it this does not mean that it will not still contain other nasties such as hormones. With an organic vegetable, you can expect to be a normal size and shape, plus it will also not have any pesticides or hormones added to it. This is the same for cheese! When you are buying an organic cheese, you can expect it to not have any added hormones, pesticides and added additives.

Another difference that is normally associated with natural cheese and organic cheese is that with natural cheese the cows are usually able to graze and are given more natural foods, but they do not need to be regulated, while organic does.

Why Is Organic More Expensive?

One of the main factors that can dissuade people from buying organic food is that it does cost you more and if you are purchasing a lot of organic foods, this can quickly add up once you get to the supermarket till. However, you get what you pay for and organic is the best of the best. Organic foods tend to be more expensive as the process is longer and you are more likely to have food items that have gone bad or that bugs have made their way into, rendering it useless. Organic food has to be costlier to make up for the products that cannot be used. When buying organic cheese, you will have the peace of mind that there have been no synthetic pesticides, the products are not bioengineered and they are grown using safe fertilisers.

Overall, we would definitely recommend choosing an organic cheese! Why not test some out from a reputable store such as the Godminster Farm Shop to see which one satisfies your taste buds the best and what you will repurchase again.

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