Don’t Join a Gym, Buy a Bike!

Exercise is essential if we want to keep our bodies in trim, especially as we grow older! Even youngsters need to keep active in order to be as healthy as they can, and there are many ways to remain in good shape. Many people – especially adults – choose to join a gym, and those that attend regularly will get their money’s worth, but it’s a known fact there are hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of gym memberships that go largely unused. That’s money that, for anyone with a family or a home to keep, could be better used elsewhere, so what do you do for exercise if you don’t go to the gym?

You could invest in home gym equipment if you have the space, but that can be very expensive too. You could also take up jogging, but we have a better suggestion: buy a bike! Cycling is a great way of getting exercise, a cheap form of transport, and fun pursuit, and with many dedicated cycling lanes across the country, is also safer now than ever before. You can buy a quality bike for surprisingly little money by using amazing discount vouchers at – in fact, you can buy them for all the family and enjoy time out in the open with the kids – and you can choose between many different types of bike.

Choosing a Bike

So, what sort of bike do you need? If you are planning on taking in some of the exciting off-road routes that you can find in National Parks and other sites in the country it is strongly recommended you choose a mountain bike. These are made to be durable but light, and come with a full set of gears for ease of use, and you can find them in men’s, women’s and children’s designs, so it’s fun for all the family. If you want to use your bike for commuting – which is a great way of both saving money and getting exercise – you can find a variety of road bikes, which are great for going to work or popping to the shops.

One thing you do need to consider is security; leaving your bike outside a shop, café or pub unsecured is inviting thieves to take their pick, and sadly there are many instances of bike theft reported every year. This is why you need the best bike lock you can afford, and we found a list of the top ten at, a great site with reviews of bike locks and many other items. You can find out all you need to know when you read their review of different types of bike locks, along with advice on which is the best, which type does what, and how much they cost (not very much as it happens) so we recommend you give it a read right away.

Meanwhile, get on your bike, get out in the fresh air, and enjoy the fabulous British countryside, and forget that expensive gym membership as you get your exercise in a fun and invigorating way.

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