Explore the Charm of Leeds

As soon as you arrive in Leeds, leave your bags in the Excess Baggage and head out to explore the city, you’ll realise that you can’t go wrong. The city has a wealth of amazing pubs, from the small curiosity to the waterside front, there is a pub to suit every occasion and every want.

The first pub will set the scene for the rest of the day. You will want to start the crawl off on the right foot and make a huge first impression.  Dock 29 is the perfect place to start. It’s not one of the smaller pubs on this list, so you know you will get in. The vast hall of a venue is perfect for meeting up with friends before the start of a very long night. The ceiling is decorated with plane and its oddness tells you everything you need to know about the rest of the pub. You can guarantee to find a beer you’ll want to drink and a seat around a table in a comfy arm chair.

To be fair, even if you start the night in Dock 29 and end the night there, you’ll have had a great night.

If you do decide to move on, then heading over to Calls Landing is the best option.  The huge outdoor drinking area on the banks of the river allow you to be as loud and animated as you could imagine. Staying outside and making the most of your environment is never a bad option, but should you wish to venture inside, you’ll find yourself in an old converted mill. Proving that the bar is not stuck in the old day, the decorations change just as often as the beer options and you’ll be able to find some unique and local beers readily available on tap.

The last bar of this small crawl is Sheaf St at Duke Studios. It has character, it has a great food menu and above all, it has three huge screens showing sport. If you happen to enter through the door at Duke Street when there is any form of sport on, you know it will be on one of the cinema style screens and there will be a great crowd in attendance. The venue lends itself very naturally to a sports crowd. It’s large and open, you can create a boisterous atmosphere with very few people. Then when the cheering all gets just a little too much for you, head out into the secret garden and enjoy the calm tranquillity of the fresh Leeds air.

Heading out into Leeds for a pub crawl does not mean that you need to head into the middle of the city centre. Leave the train station and head out to the waterfront for a pub-crawl with a difference. It’ll be a new experience for anyone who normally just does the high street and middle of town pubs and a refreshing change from the chain pubs and trendy wine bars.


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