My Favourite Place in Liverpool

Last Saturday I managed to forget how to say no. It was a simple question from my other half, one which normally meets an automatic response. It doesn’t take any thought and, to be honest, I probably don’t even hear the question most of the time.

No would have been my desired response, instead what came out of my mouth was the complete opposite. I guess I must have been suffering from a fever or just thought she had asked a different question.

The question was innocuous enough, ‘Would I like to spend my Saturday afternoon shopping?’. How did I leave my senses and say yes? It was a mistake I was paying for, quite literally, all afternoon long.

Just so we’re clear, it’s not the shopping which I find annoying. I actually quite like heading down to Liverpool One and within an hour I can have everything I need and a few things I don’t. That side of shopping is actually enjoyable. The bit of this Saturday’s shopping trip which I didn’t look forward to was spending it with my girl-friend.

Whereas I can make a decision within seconds on a new item of clothing, she can’t. The third pass of a shop is normally around the time that she decides that the top is the perfect one for her.

It will almost always end up in me being frustrated and her developing a grump at my lack of interest. So I’ll take myself off and find a burger.

It was at precisely this point on Saturday, that my shopping trip became instantly more enjoyable. The shopping centre has a wide range of options on this front and I headed to one of my favourite Liverpool bars.

When you walk into through the doors of Browns, you are greeted by the exact atmosphere you need on a long Saturday shopping trip. There just seems to be this air of calmness and relaxation.

The menu is filled by normal food, there’s no need for pretentious tiny plates of leaves. This place does real food and it does it really well.

I’d sat down and settled into a burger and chips and was really enjoying being alone. I’d started to people watch and spotted too many men who were clearly seeking refuge from their disappointed girlfriends. But then it dawned on me that this is one of the key things I like about Browns.

They take care of you and make you feel welcome, but they are not over at your table every five minutes asking if everything is ok. If something was wrong, I would have gained your attention and made you aware of it. They leave you to enjoy your meal in peace and quiet.

It might just be the self-assured nature of the place, they know they do good food and they know you will enjoy it. But whatever it is they are doing, they are definitely doing it right by me.

The next time my girlfriend asks, I’ll be saying yes.

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