How to Find Student Accommodation in London

London is a city that is coveted by many students, there is no doubt about it.  However, it is notoriously expensive and can be incredibly difficult to find affordable student accommodation. Below we put some tips together to hopefully make the whole process easier for you.

How Much can you Spend on Rent?

This is an important question, and one you will need the answer to before you start finding properties.  It is of course the biggest expenditure you will have each month, and there are a few things you’d need to take into consideration.  Do you have a job in place? Do you know roughly how much money you will earn from that job? Where is your university or college located, as distance is also a factor?. This can go a good way towards deciding what your options are.

Where can you Rent in London?

You need to find accommodation that suits your lifestyle and needs.  This can depend on how long you are staying there for, where your university or college is based – or where you work.  One of the most common approaches is to find a suitable flat share. Renting accommodation alone can be incredibly expensive, which is why sometimes this is the best or only option.  There are some great websites out there that allow you to filter location, expenditure, amenities etc – so you can make a well informed choice. You also may already know people and want to share together.

Homestay Options

This is an option that’s becoming increasingly popular.  You can now opt to stay with a family in London near your location for a set fee, much like you would do if you were looking to rent a flat.  The benefits of this are that it is normally much more cost effective, and that you can make friends for life! You can also find options that include food etc too.  There are plenty of host families in London waiting for you to come stay with them.  It’s particularly effective for overseas students who aren’t necessarily looking for long stays.    

Student Halls and Accommodation

There are lots of options when it comes to student halls and accommodation in London.  These normally come in the form of cluster flats or studios due to budget and allows you to socialise with other students who are sharing similar experiences to you.  You should be able to make some new mates as they will all be in the same situation as you, and they are normally situated in areas that are fairly central and close to transport lines, so you can get about easily.

If you are a student looking to stay in London, hopefully some of these options are of some use to you.  It would be good to have some friends or relatives to stay with but that’s not always the case.

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