Five Incredible St Tropez Based Artists

It’s no surprise that St-Tropez’s picturesque landscapes and golden sands have inspired so many artists through the ages, and today’s art scene in this chic pocket of the French Riviera is as thriving as ever. 

This village has played a major role in the history of modern art, with Pointillism and Fauvism emerging in the town, and world-renowned artists like Signac, Matisse and Bonnard all attracted to its cobbled lanes. Below, discover five of our favourite St Tropez based artists of this era.

Five Of The Best St Tropez Based Artists

Stefan Szczesny

Atelier Szczesny, Espaces des Lices, 9 Bd Louis Blanc, St-Tropez

This German painter, illustrator and sculptor is a big name in 21st-century art. Indeed, Szczesny founded the Neue Wilde or “New Wild Ones” movement in the early 1980s – a move away from academic minimalist and abstract teachings, characterised by movement and vivid colours with quick brushstrokes. His style is reminiscent of Matisse. 

With exhibitions in Berlin, New York, Miami and Seville, Szczesny has been a St Tropez based artist for many years, inspired by the abundance of light and the cosmopolitan feel of the village. His celebrity fans include Pierce Brosnan.

Ivan Hor 

Atelier Ivan Hor, 36 Rue des Remparts, Saint-Tropez

This painter and collage-artist is well-known for creating detailed, dreamlike paintings with origami 3D boats, adding humorous and whimsical touches to beautiful brushwork. A prolific name on the art scene in St Tropez, over 68,000 artworks, he is particularly renowned in maritime art. Hor fled the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 to move to Paris, but came to St Tropez seeking serenity and solar beauty. 

Henri Sié

Galerie Henri SIE, 8 Rue du Clocher, St-Tropez 

A St Tropez based artist and opera singer, Sié’s colourful art is often based on his idyllic homestead and its colours and contrasts, from landscapes and local buildings to breathtaking sea views.

Sié is inspired by the likes of Cezanne and Van Gogh, and features in exhibitions in Japan, USA and Germany. 

Christiane Moures 

Viewing upon request. 

Big on the art scene in St Tropez native and a true native, Moures is painter, collager, sculptor and stage setter. 

With curvy and refined lines, sparse and unsaturated colours, and use of heavy materials, Moures’ work often depicts human figures and is influenced by Saint Tropez’s sensuality. 

Corinne Kowalski 

Galerie Kowalski, 6 rue d’Aumale, St-Tropez

Kowalski is a talented lithographer and painter from Paris. She uses natural pigments to paint the harmonious flower explosions of St Tropez’s rural surroundings. 

Inspired by the reflecting light on water in the town’s harbour, and influenced by Rothko and Monet, Kowalski’s artworks sway between poetic impressionism and vivid mystical scenes from Noah’s Ark. 

St Tropez villas with amazing art

Alongside the plethora of amazing galleries, there are also many villas for rent in St Tropez with incredible art featured on the walls. For example, the 6-bedroom Villa Ama Pampelonne, a highly sought-after luxury property, takes its guests on a journey through the finest modern and contemporary artworks. The seven-bedroom Provencial Villa Kris features many of Szczesny’s best works, and the light and airy four-bedroom Villa Patcha has a beautiful piece by another St Tropez based artist, Ivan Jovanovic.

All this means that for art-lovers, St-Tropez is a dream holiday destination


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