Which Floor Lamps Are In Fashion And Which Have Faded Out?

The décor of your home describes you, your choice and even your personality and choosing a ground lamp for your sitting room, bedroom and drawing room definitely gives you and your place a huge chic look. The floor lamps can be a great showpiece, item to be utilised on a daily bases, a reading partner, a source of cosiness and a product that will enhance the overall style of your house. These lamps conveniently add light with easy to buy. They can be moved around easily as per your convenience and be adjusted as per décor of the house. With time, the style and shapes of the floor lamp have evolved according to modern needs and fashion.

Following are different lamps which are in fashion and others which have faded out with time.

In-Fashion Lamps

1.    Galla Twisted Floor Lamp

Galla Twisted Lamp is a modern, chic and stylish item of our collection. The lamp is made in very trendy shape while keeping the latest needs in mind. The lamp is simple in design and can be moved around anywhere in the room. It can be used to light up the darkened corners of the house with its low cosy light. It gives the room an ambience of comfortableness along with a modern look.

2.    Arc Black Marble Base Lamp

This Arc Black Lamp is simple, sturdy and very stylish. The lamp can be used for reading with its focus directly on the book and a splendid décor for your room. This item can be moved around the room rather quickly making it user-friendly. Further, its marble base gives it both chic and a bit of antique look. The item has been designed as while keeping the modern demands and needs of the customers in mind.

3.    5 Light Floor Lamp Black Clear with Crystal

The five-light floor lamp is a delicate, chic design which will brighten up your room with both its design and light. Its five bulbs can be used together and separately giving it a great design outlook. Its elegant design is for the people of excellent taste because it is being designed according to modern designed houses and rooms. It can be used both for reading or just to create an ambience of peace and relaxation.

Faded-out Lamps

1.    Tuscany Floor Lamp

Once considered as the well-designed lamps, Tuscany Floor Lamps have slowly faded out. The primary reason for this fading is its design which is relatively heavy and thick as compared to new delicate ones. The design is although sturdy did not give the first impression of a modern item in the room. Hence, despite being a good lamp, it has faded out gradually.

2.    Cado Bobble Floor Lamps

The Cado Bobble Floor Lamps faded out, again, for their design which users considered as relatively outdated and mismatched as per new demands. The design of the lamp with round balls as it stands was hard to be matched with any furniture in the room, especially in the drawing rooms.

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