Get Started in London on 50 Pounds

50 Pounds…!!! A lot of money…!!! For the people who are native to London, 50 Pounds matters a lot. But if you happen to be a tourist in London, then 50 Pounds goes away easier than a box of chocolates for a child. Let me show you how I started my days in London with just 50 Pounds.

Having fun in London will definitely cost you a lot. I have been to London, and I am sure that I have asked this question at least once to myself during my visit there, Poof..!! Where did the money went? Suppose, you step out of the ATM with a hand full of pounds with the Queen’s face and… Woosh…!!! All gone in half a day..!!

I will break my 3 days in London and I’ll tell you some of the coolest stuff from my previous trip to London. I’ll even tell you the secret of a cool accommodation and that too, in a budget friendly manner.

Things to do in London on a Budget

Changing of the Guards

The Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place in between three locations. The locations are Buckingham Palace, St. James Palace, and Wellington Barracks.

For many of the tourists, the Changing of the Guards look like a big surprise. This is one of the most crowded street and one of the free event in the city. Be prepared to have a glimpse of the massive crowd of English people.

Watching the soldiers change between the shifts is fully compatible with your goal of “London on a Budget of 50 Pounds”.

Camden Town and Camden Market

Camden Street in London is another awe-inspiring place. And especially, when you want to survive in London on 50 Pounds, then it is on many visitors to-do lists. 30 Camden Square is where Amy Winehouse used to reside. Camden Town is one of the great places around the world for rock shows. You can spend hours just walking around Camden Market.

Camden Market is full of petty businesses selling everything from clothes to ice cream of liquid nitrogen. It is a super busy market, sometimes over priced but a must-go destination.

Good Styled Street Art and Culture in London

Brick Lane is one of my favorite spots in London. It has gained a lot of spotlight and focus over the past few years. With a significant number of budget friendly restaurants, Brick Lane is not only the great place to visit but also a fantastic option for lunch.

At Brick Lane, you can have a look at the latest trends in the culture and incredible pieces of street art.

What To Do In London On a Budget?

At O2 arena in London, you would discover the Emirates Air Line. This is the 6-seated cable cars with windows that transverse the River Thames giving you a nostalgic view of the city. London’s landscape would have never looked this better.

When I remember the experience, I still get goosebumps… You can understand the profundity of the Air Line trip. With tickets as low as £3.40, this is a must-do for all the Instagrammers and shutterbugs.

Explore The London’s Best Market

The markets at London are immortalized by the electronic and digital media. They are always in quest of something like amazing photo spots, local and global culture and local knowledge.

One of the best market to visit as a tourist is Borough Market. The colors, the folks out there and local stories are just the part of the show. With Scottish eggs, pies, ham, cheese and meat… Borough Market is where you would want your lunch.

The architecture and the colors are worth a visit. Besides, it is free.

Where to Eat in London On a Budget?

I would list down some of the places in London where you would find quality food stuff under £5. Various companies in the Kingdom like Dealslands provide various coupons and voucher codes to the public so as to save more on their earnings.

  1. Get Dealslands at several stores at Tottenham Court Road, Southfields, and Brixton venue.

So this would be helpful for you saving more while you are trying to survive in London on a budget.

  1. Bao Bar at Netil Market at £3.50 per bun.
  2. Shawarma located on Edgware Road at £4, and much more.

Where to Stay in London On A Budget?

There is one amazing 2 bedroom apartment in the heart of Fulham.

It costs around 80 pounds per night but fits up to 6 people (roughly comes out to be 13 pounds per head). It has a kitchen equipped with 2 microwaves, washing machine, and a flat screen idiot box.

Summary of My Trip to London on a Budget With Less Than 50 Pounds:

So, it is time to talk about the budget. But always keep in mind that you have so many free options that perhaps your 50 pounds budget per day will be just too much money.

Cable car with oyster card: £3.40

Night at the super nice apartment in Fulham with 5 friends: less than £15

Fish&Chips: £5,40

Public Transport: £6,40 per day for zones 1-2

Oh, Congrats…!!! You still owe £3 for a beer on your way home.

The best way to enjoy London on a budget…!!!

Author Bio:

Ashton Blagden is working as a Community Manager at When He have leisure time, He utilizes that time in writing.

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