Glamorous Scandi Tips

The Scandinavian look is still going strong and continues to be a huge influence on design trends.  This year it has taken a move towards the glamorous by incorporating highlights of glitzy metals and expensive materials such as marble.  This new look is simply gorgeous and oozes refinement and style.  I’m going to be giving you a few tips on how to achieve this look as well as few images from Thelongeststay of some luxury furniture to inspire you.

First up, it is all about the pieces of furniture that anchor the room.  Let’s say you are doing your living room up and need to decide on the perfect sofa.  With this, there are a few different ways you could go. The much-used white or grey sofa is a good basis to start but if you want something a bit less basic then a lovely velvet, retro piece in a dark shade could look wonderful, especially if you have light painted wooden floors and are in need of some darker colours.  If neither of these appeal then a mid-century style leather unit will give you that trendy look that is sleek and minimalist.  When choosing other pieces for your space, try to go with natural woods, oak or walnut, and look for that 50s or 60s style teak as well.  Also, a few glass pieces like a coffee table allow the area to look less crowded, which is key in this kind of design. Less is really more.  It is through these pieces that the metal highlights start to appear, whether it be a brass foot or bar, and it is these little touches that add the glamour.  Don’t go overboard with metals in your furniture, as you will be able to accessorise with highlights after.

Next, you need to consider lighting, both in terms of form and function.  Pendant lights are still a big feature and trend and are the perfect way to add some warmth to your space.  A few clustered above a simple armchair will create a charming reading nook. Mix and match different styles to get that eclectic look or use a simple, clean finish to keep things formal.  Pair with a teak side table and put a throw over one arm and you have yourself a cosy little area that is simple yet beautiful. Hand-blown lighting is big in design at the moment and it is not very hard to see why.  The free-blown shapes are never exactly the same and it is this uniqueness that is fascinating.  The quality and control shown through elegant, plain glass in some of the designs is truly spectacular.  Choosing a transparent floor lamp is the right fit for a Scandinavian design.  The clearness allows the room to feel less crowded whilst still creating a statement piece.  It also means that you are incorporating yet more texture and material without compromising on your neutral palette or gentle minimalism.


Once the bigger pieces like furniture have been chosen and installed it is good to step back and look before you run off and buy more accessories than the design can take. Where there is no change in colour or texture then buy one thing for that area to break it up. A marble candlestick holder or a throw and cushion made from wool or sheepskin would create that Nordic feel. If there are white washed walls, which are lovely on their own, but if you need something there then a modest mirror combined with hints of leather or brass could work very well. A few mirrors could even be arranged on one wall if your room is particularly sparse, just stay away from heavy looking frames. Bring the outside in with some bright green plants in delicate glass vases or jars but don’t go overboard with these, make sure you have a small amount that are organised tidily but allow some overhang of the leaves or vines to stay away from the overly polished look.  The space needs to evoke a feeling of relaxation but have the formality and decadence of old world glamour from just the little hints of luxury.

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