A Happy Place to Be: How to Enjoy the Beach With Your Kids

If anything could more fun than spending a sunshiny day at the beach with your kids, we don’t know what it is. Nothing compares to wholesome hours spent digging sun and sand, especially if you prepare properly. In the interest of happy beach-going families everywhere, we are pleased to present a few tricks and tips that may help you enjoy the beach even better.

A perfect day at the beach

If you visit the beach just one time a year, be sure to make the most of it. Slather the kids and yourself in sunscreen before hitting the sand to prevent first-degree sunburn on your first day at the beach. Don’t forget to reapply sunblock every few hours or oftener, if you and the kids are playing in the water. Younger children and babies should be kept out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

Beach hacks to know about

Little additions to your family day at the beach can make a big difference. Pack your lunch in a number of small packages in lieu of one big container. Wrap sandwiches, deli slices, and other items in individual zip bags. If one sandwich falls into the sand, all of your food won’t be ruined, explains the Ocean City travel bureau.

Wear flip-flop sandals whenever walking the surf line. Florida seashells are gorgeous, but some can be sharp when stepped on. Freeze water balloons and use them in your ice chest or food cooler. Pack a few cupcake liners into your picnic basket, and use them to cover open sodas and other exposed beverages. On breezy days, use rubber bands to keep the paper covers from flying away. This trick will prevent flies, sand, and bees from falling into your beverages, advises Busy Mommy magazine.

Sweet, sandy Sanibel

From Tarpon Bay to Lighthouse Beach to Turner Beach Park and beyond, the Marriott Sanibel Resort neighborhood offers a bevy of beaches where families have fun. Conveniently situated at 2475 West Gulf Drive in MId-island Sanibel, Tarpon Beach offers plentiful parking just steps away from sugary sands. On Periwinkle Parkway, you can barbecue and picnic at Lighthouse Beach Park. The handicap-accessible public beach park provides all sorts of family-friendly outdoor amenities, including an information kiosk, a shade pavilion, and a fishing pier. Expect to pay around $4 per hour for parking.

Turner Beach sits just across the bay from Sanibel at 17200 Captiva. This city-owned public park provides basic amenities such as outdoor showers and a drinking fountain. Fill your ice chest with sandwiches and drinks at a local deli, then spend the day tossing a frisbee or catching up on your reading while the kids splash and frolic in the shallow water.

Before you take a beach vacation, be sure every family member knows how to swim. Learn how to identify rip currents, and always visit lifeguard-patrolled beaches. Don’t forget hats, frisbees, sandals, and sunscreen. Avoid collecting seashells that contain living sea creatures. When you head back home, please leave nothing but footprints.

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