High Fructose Foods To Increase The Metabolism Drastically

Over the recent years, fructose has become very popular in the food industry mainly because it can be used as a food sweetening agent. Although fructose is mostly known to be present in unhealthy foodstuffs such as soft drinks, it is also found abundantly in fruits and veggies. When consumed in large quantities, fructose present in soft drinks can increase the blood glucose to a level that can be difficult to bring down. Since the advent of non-alcoholic beverages, the number of reported cases of people suffering from fructose intolerance has really escalated.

Despite all the dangers posed by fructose, this food sweetening agent helps increase your body metabolism drastically. Although increased metabolism can be a plus to your body fitness levels, an excessive consumption of fructose can result leave you at risk of suffering from fructose intolerance disorders. It is for this reason that we must change our eating habits and go for natural foods that can boost our body’s metabolism. Read through this article for insight on foods rich in fructose and that can help increase your metabolism drastically.

1.    Apples

Medical experts have proven that an apple a day can minimize the risk of you suffering from various infections. Besides being tasty, apples are also a rich source of fructose. Consuming one apple a day ensures that you remain active all day long, in addition to increasing your body’s metabolism.

2.    Oats

If you need to boost your metabolism, then oats are a must-have in your diet. A majority of foods rich in sugars tend to cause the blood glucose level to go above normal while also causing accumulation of fat in the body tissues. With oats, however, the case is different since it does not increase the glucose level thus facilitating the smooth running of your body’s metabolic activities.

3.    Olive Oil

Our bodies require dietary fat especially healthy oils –such as olive oil – so as to function properly. The right kinds of oils and fats help squash hunger and maximize your body’s metabolism. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats that are essential in eliminating the risks of fatty oils that derail the progress of body metabolism. Olive oil can be a perfect replacement for other forms of fat such as butter and cream.

4.    Bananas

Although the banana is a common and favorite food for many, very few can tell what good this fruit does to the body. Besides supplying the body with more fiber to facilitate digestion, bananas are rich in nutrients that are vital to a speedy body metabolism.

5.    Almonds

Almonds are fructose-rich foods and when they are eaten in moderate quantities, they can help in weight loss. In addition, almonds not only assist in the digestion of food but also keep your insulin levels in check. What’s even more with these drupes is that they help in increasing the body’s metabolic activity drastically.

Although consumption of fructose-rich foods is the trick to an increased body metabolism, people should be cautious with the amount they treat their bodies with since it can more harm than good.  

Annie Jones is the founder of BoostBodyfit. She is a huge fan of healthy eating and living! She created the blog purely to share her experiences and expertise on health, nutrition, exercise and everything else between. She is also a mother of two where she balances between her passion and biggest joy in life.

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