Your At Home Spa Retreat

A hectic week is best ended with a long relaxing weekend that rejuvenates you for the next one. It is important that we realize the value of taking time for ourselves when we are surrounded by a ton of chores or work. It not only helps us understand how important our mental and physical well-being is but also keeps us sane enough to tackle another (mostly) dreaded Monday morning. And undoubtedly, one of the best ways to relax is to go to a spa. But if you are too busy or just want to spend a day in, you can try these three steps to re-create the spa experience by yourself:

  1. Scrub- Use a scrub with coconut or olive oil base to make your skin feel refreshed and hydrated. Just scrub in a circular motion after taking a warm shower. Once you are done scrubbing gently, rinse it off under the shower.
  2. Face Mask- Use your favorite face mask from the store or make one for yourself at home. An orange peel mask is highly recommended to freshen up your face. Let the mask dry and rinse it off with warm water. While you are waiting for the home spa to work its magic, log into your phone and play some free bingo online to give it a higher ‘chill’ factor. Or why not read a couple of magazines or the book you have been dying to start maybe?
  3. Foot Massage- No spa day is ever complete without a relaxing foot massage. Use a moisturizer, oil, or foot cream and massage each foot for about 5 to 7 minutes. You will feel your stress escaping as you do so. Once you are done with the massage, use a towel to wipe the excess off and you are good to go.

Now that you know how to spend this weekend, what are you waiting for?

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