Household Manners: 4 Things You Can Do to Avoid Disturbing Your Roommate or Significant Other During Sleep

Everyone deserves to have a peaceful sleeping time free of disturbances. So do your roommate in college or significant other at home. Maintaining a good relationship is key to making your living together a success. You may not find a roommate with the same lifestyle as you, and you will need to be flexible to ensure you do not disturb them. The following 4 tips will help you allow them have undisturbed sleep.

  • Set and Adhere to the Ground Rules

Respecting your roommate or significant other is the key to managing a good relationship. To do this, you set the ground rules that will guide your stay together. And this will go all the way to being considerate of the time they always get to sleep. It won’t be a good thing coming in regularly when they’re already asleep hence causing an unnecessary commotion that will disturb them. You may talk it out together and agree on the time you should not be still outside the house. Such ground rules will be enough to bring discipline and help you avoid disturbing one another during sleep.

  • Avoid Noisy Electronics

You might find yourself with a roommate who’s not into gaming and other related electronic activities. And you don’t want to be disturbing their sleep with the annoying key sounds on your keyboard. This also applies to your home when you have to work late in your office when your other half is trying to have some sleep. But with current technological advances, you can get yourself high-tech silent keyboards to use in your gaming or office activities in the house. This way, you will avoid disturbing your roommate or significant other during sleep. Impressive, right?

  • Consider Compromising

There’s a high probability that your lifestyle is very different from that of your roommate or significant other. This is where you ought to embrace flexibility and be willing to compromise so that you may accommodate one another. Not only will this work in favor of them but you too can also benefit. Wondering how? Take, for instance, a situation where you’re a night owl and your roommate isn’t. When they’re asleep, you’ll have to keep the noise down and in the morning when you’ll still be snoozing, they’ll also carry out their planned duties quietly.

  • Modify Your Room

If you’re living in two separate rooms separated by a wall that lets a lot of sounds through, consider modifying your room with absorbent material such as the acoustic panels. You can also put down carpets and insulate the floors and ceilings of your significant other’s room. Wall-to-wall carpeting, cork, fibreglass, and acoustically-rated ceiling tiles are some of the materials to use for the insulation to prevent sounds penetrating through the walls. With these forms of modification in place, you can rest assured of allowing your roommate or significant other an undisturbed sleeping time.


Having enough and uninterrupted sleep is good for our health. Noise and unnecessary commotion disturb peaceful sleep. These four tips should help you avoid disturbing your roommate or significant other during sleep. And by the golden rule, they’ll do the same for you. This way, you’ll establish a good relationship with them and your stay together will be a peaceful one. Isn’t that what you want too? And you’re lucky you got the tips.

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