How Technology Is Shaping Security

Home security through the ages has changed dramatically since we kept one eye on the cave entrance, gone are the days of putting the chain on the door or keeping dogs in the yard. Locks have moved on and are infinitely less ‘pickable’ and with double glazed windows and UPVC doors, the chances of forcing entry into a moderately secured home are much reduced.

Nevertheless, with many households needing to secure valuable commodities, including TVs, games consoles, computers etc. as well as precious jewellery and priceless antiques, security is as prevalent today as it has ever been. Technological advancements in the last 5 – 10 years, including the development and widespread engagement with smart phones, have set us up to move security into a new, perhaps scarily advanced, age.

One of the most popular products on the market today is the Nest security system. Nest Labs, which was acquired by Google in 2014, is a manufacturer of intelligent home thermostats and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. In 2014, Nest, having retained its brand since the acquisition, then bought the webcam giant Dropcam, who provide smart cameras which allow users to check their home security cameras via Wi-Fi from anywhere, and keep footage on cloud-based storage.

This merge of two strong technology companies has led to the introduction of Nest Cam, an app-powered security camera for indoor use.

Nest Cam is likely to be the first of many intelligent home monitoring devices. You can monitor every room of your home (that has a Cam installed) from your smart phone, and you can talk and listen through Nest Cam, and with the expansion pack, Nest Aware, it’ll even alert you to any unusual movement or loud noises in your home whilst you’re away. Of course, Nest Cam is also compatible with Nest’s thermostats and smoke detectors, allowing you to capture images of a fire starting in your home.

James Neill, a locksmith in Norwich, UK said:

With technology like Nest Cam available, it is almost possible to be in two places at once. It’s frightening to think what will come next!

Thinking about the next stages of security shaped by technology, surely the next phase is a Wi-Fi controlled security guard that can be activated remotely in the event of an alerted intrusion? Perhaps that’s our imagination running wild, but with technological advancements progressing at a rapid pace, it won’t be long before the next phase of home security is here.

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