How to get the most money for your diamonds or fine jewellery 

Were you aware that due to the escalating taste for diamonds there are plenty of jewellers around that are purchasing a vast range of diamonds and fine jewellery from the general public?

In addition to this the price of diamond has rocketed making it even more appealing to sell your jewellery.  It should go without saying sell at the best possible price.

If you are planning on selling diamonds you should be aware that whilst the timing is spot on, it can be a headache if you do not know what you are doing.

Unlike gold which is bought by the weight and class of the gold, diamonds have a number of measures to calculate its value, leaving an inexperienced seller puzzled and full of confusion.

To help you unravel the mystery of diamonds we have put together some helpful tips to ensure you get the best possible price for your stones:

Do you know what you have?

You may have inherited a family piece that is considered to be valuable, but do you even know whether it is diamond?  In other words don’t rush to your local jewellers until you have got a good view of its quality/grading.

A qualified specialist will be able to give you their opinion highlighting its characteristics and hopefully pinpoint anything you should be aware of that would affect the price of the item.

Have a realistic price in mind

The quickest way to disappoint yourself is to have an unrealistic price from the beginning.  If you would prefer not to get an appraisal carry out research yourself.

You can view selling sites such as EBay; comparing similar pieces for both new and second hand pieces.  You should allow a discount for pre-worn pieces.

Who to target

If you want to sell your piece quickly target a jeweller.  The most important factor is you choose someone you trust.  But it goes without saying that you are not likely to get the best possible price if you go down this route.

It is the role of the jeweller to resell.  If you do have previous selling experience you will get the most money targeting EBay or Craigslist.  But it must be stressed again that you must have a reasonable price in mind.

Are you ready to part with your fine jewellery?

Diamonds are usually symbols of love which are usually harder to part with.  Any emotions you have with the piece should be discarded.  Sentiments raise the price in your eyes but unfortunately not the eyes of the buyer.

The point to be made is you are ready to sell your piece and to recognise that whilst it was a part of your life once if you want to get the best possible price you will need to get your selling hat on.

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