Hypnobirthing:  Is it for you? 

The impending birth of your little one can not only be exciting but also frightening especially if it is your first.  There are many mothers to be that worry due to horror stories whereas other mothers to be are anxious on how the epidural will affect their child.

But did you know the women who practice hypnobirthing are much more likely to have a short labour and their chances of needing a C-section or other interventions are heavily reduced?

It goes without saying that women who are able to deliver naturally will have a shorter stay in hospital and their recover period will be a lot shorter than women who have endured a C-section.

In addition to this it is possible to deliver in the comfort of your own home if you have practiced hypnobirthing.  It may come as a surprise but the benefits are fantastic.

Hypnobirthing: What is it?

It teaches mothers to be how to hypnotise themselves during labour using breathing techniques that enable the experience to be as relaxed as possible.

During labour the woman in question will be in a deep state of relaxation although it must be stressed the woman will still be conscious and can take direction.

It is reported that those that use hypnobirthing will not feel any pains during labour.

How a woman can hypnotise themselves is down to the individual.  Some require a partner or a qualified hypnotherapist whereas others can teach themselves to enter and maintain a peaceful state.

Music or dimmed lights can also help make the environment a relaxing one.

A lady called Marie Mongan created this concept after successfully having two children without any pain relief.

In the fifties it was unheard of to have anaesthetic.  She made it her goal that women should trust their body and learn how to relax so they can enjoy the experience and not something that should be dreaded.

The results are impressive.  There are reports of women dilating to ten centremetres without the need of an epidural or pain (just pressure).  Celebrities are also realising the benefits.  Jessica Alba in particular recommends hypnobirthing and was noted as saying “it makes you chill”.

The great thing is anyone can practice hypnobirthing

Many women choose hypnobirthing if they have had a difficult birth the first time round and want to avoid a bad experience again.  Also recommended for women who have had a previous C-section.

The ultimate aim is to get through labour without the need for intervention so the experience can be an enjoyable one for all involved.

On a final note, if you are pregnant and are having nightmares about giving birth, hypnobirthing could be a possibility for you.  Let your body do what it needs to but in a state of relaxation.

Take comfort in the knowledge that giving birth without medication is a possibility and you can achieve something very natural to your body.

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