The Jokers Asylum Escape Room at Omescape

Introduction to Escape Rooms

An Escape is an interactive adventure game that is becoming increasingly more popular.  Teams are challenged to solves series of puzzles or riddles and are giving clues in order to do so.  Locked in a room in usually a team of no more than eight, you must complete a series of objectives by using strategy and logic. As teams complete each hint, they will unlock the next clue.  Each solved clue gets them a step closer to completing the game and exiting the locked escape room. All escape rooms will have a different theme, but no matter the theme of the room players have 60 minutes to escape.

Who is Omescape?

Established in 2012, Omescape is situated on Carnegie Street in London and offer their customers a leading room escape experience.  At Omescape they have several rooms, including the Penitentiary and Bio Hazard Laboratory.  They have also recently released their series of VR interactive team games including a game called Mind Horror.

Background Story to the Joker’s Asylum Escape Room

Once loved by all as the entertainer and star of the circus, now the joker is embarking on a journey towards insanity.  After leaving the circus his mind got the better of him and he began to slowly slip deeper into himself. As he battled his own demons, he ran away and locked himself in the room at mysterious asylum created for him by his doctor.  The room became his prison and gradually his insanity magnified and until all was left was his desire to kill. Now with his full-blown insanity taking hold, the Joker decided to leave the asylum and follow his evil desires within nearby communities.  The doctor decided to stop him, but, before he could he vanished and all that was left was a diary. It will be your job to use the doctor’s diary to break into the asylum and save the jokers victims.

Difficult Level and Number of Players

The Joker’s Asylum escape room at Omescape has been described by many who have tried it as one of the most difficult escape rooms they have tried.  Omescape themselves have awarded it five for the difficulty which is the highest level they have. The game can be played with between two and six players, however, for this game you are probably going to want to try to get the full complement to help you finish the puzzles in the hour.  

Other Useful Information

As you play any escape room a games master watches you and will jump in to help if you get stuck.  So, there is no need to be scared that you won’t be able to get very far. There is no age restriction on the game, but a good bit of advice is no under twelves as they may find the puzzles beyond their capabilities.   Finally, please note that cancelling once booked is not allowed, however, if you need to change the date this can be done up to seven days before the event.

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