Keeping On Trend

If there is one thing which I can tell you I find nearly impossible, then I am completely sure that you will agree with me. There is almost no way that anyone, let alone a busy woman, can keep up to date with every single new fashion trend sparking off every day.

There are thousands and thousands of YouTube channels which profess to being the trend setters and the style guides. I could waste my life watching every single vlog, only to realise that this is just a lone woman attempting to make a living whilst working from home. All power to you sister, but I just do not think that you have all the answers I will possibly need.

I buy a few magazines every week, you know which ones I buy. They always have a whole section dedicated purely to this week’s or this month’s latest trends. The only problem I have is that by the time the magazine has been published, I have managed to walk to the newsagents and buy the copy, then I have found the time to read through the celebrity interviews, fashion disasters and how to lose weight sections. Once I have completed this mammoth task, every new trend is already over and I have once again missed the boat.

No one likes to be follower and you have to be on the train within the five minutes to know that you are a trend setter. That’s why I’ve changed my approach to finding the best new trends. I found a website which not only shows me all the new trends, but sells them to me as well. Now my daily routine moves something along these lines:

Get up and check my phone. Shower, dressed, make-up and hair. Grab a drink on the way to the train station. Fight for a seat on the train. Read Ellisons latest style guide. Buy anything which takes my fancy. Get to work and start another fun filled day at the office.

Today, I spotted one which I think will take me right through to Christmas. Despite the Shellac range having been around for a while, I have only just discovered their dep purple range. Have a quick look here if you don’t know what I mean:

It is my ideal colour, something dark and mysterious, but still showcasing a hint of fun and frivolity. Maybe I’m reading too much into my nail polish colour, but I do stare at it for most of the day.

My nails are the constant in my life. I sit at my desk and all day long I can see them. I see the chips and the dents, or I see a wonderfully polished and painted set of sparkling nails taping away at my keyboard.

It doesn’t take much now to know what’s coming up, I just make Ellisons a part of my commute. Let’s be honest, it certainly beats the views being offered to by everyone on the train.

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