London vs the Midlands: How Do They Holiday?

  • Annual summer holidays are more popular amongst Londoners than those living in the Midlands
  • Londoners more likely to go on UK and international holidays than Midlanders
  • Londoners happier to travel alone than those in the Midlands

As the capital of our country, London depicts all that is truly British in many ways. The home of international business organisations, a wide range of cultural institutes and some of the best academic institutions in the world, Brits are generally very happy to allow London to act as cover girl for our country. However, as we saw distinctively in the EU referendum, Londoners often think differently to those living in other parts of the UK, and this even translates into our holiday habits.

Online surveys company Crowdology have recently carried out some research into British holiday patterns. The results show that 75% of those living in the midlands go on a yearly summer holiday. Although this seems like a fairly high percentage, it is notably lower than London’s 95% who take a holiday of the same kind. Similarly, participants based in the Midlands answered that they had holidayed an average of 4.7 times within the UK over the course of the last 5 years, whereas the same question for Londoners averaged at 6.3 times. There is also a gap in the number of international holidays taken between those living in different regions, with midlanders holidaying abroad an average of 3.5 times within the last 5 years, whereas the same statistic for Londoners came to 4.9 times.

We can only speculate about the reasons for these differences, but it seems likely that it may be related to the higher salaries paid in London. Since many organisations base their most senior members of staff in London, the capital acts of home to some of the UK’s highest paid residents, who have more disposable income to spend on holidays and other luxuries. It could also be the case that, since professions like this incur a great deal of stress, and life in London is generally considered to be more chaotic than it is in smaller towns, Londoners are more severely in need of a break, and so go on a greater number of holidays.

These speculations seem reasonable explanations for the difference in the number of holidays taken by Londoners and those from the Midlands. It is possibly more surprising to hear that Londoners are also far more likely to travel alone than those from other parts of Britain. In the Midlands, 7% of people said that they go on holiday by themselves, whereas in London this statistic was doubled at 14%. Again, we cannot be certain as to the reason for this, but it is likely linked to the fact that there are many single young professionals living in London who are happy to travel solo and meet new people as they encounter new places.

Whichever part of the UK you hail from, Crowdology’s statistics prove that most of us love a summer holiday, so if you haven’t planned yours already, now is the time to get booking.

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