The Long Trip To Work

I drive to work. Like the majority of people I know, my journey doesn’t work on public transport. I get up and drive every morning.

There’s nothing wrong with my drive, I hit a couple of A roads and then the M25 and another motorway off into the countryside. I quiet enjoy my journey to and from work and I chose to live this far away from work. It allows me a complete separation from all aspects of my job. I will literally never see any of my colleges outside of work.

I enjoy it because I chose that. It might be a few hours of my day, but it’s my few hours alone where I can think and dream of other things.

Then I find out that I’m going to be driving to see some customers for work. I even find out that I need to change my car insurance. Who knew that there were so many different types of business car insurance. What type did I need? Luckily, there was a nice guy on the end of the phone to help me out.

I did know that I would be able to claim mileage back. It seems almost idiotic that I might be able to make money out of driving for work. There is no way that my car costs 45p a mile to run. The diesel is a lot cheaper than that and a new set of tyres won’t cost anywhere near what work think it will.

It’s almost enough to make me want to volunteer to go and see the customers in Scotland or over in Wales. I enjoy driving and suddenly making money out of it is a huge revelation.

The only slight snag is that my car has seen better days and there have been a few comments about it from the bosses. If it was driving up to country house, it would be turned away. If I was trying to create the perfect first impression, then I would probably need to walk up the drive. So I started to look at buying a new car.

I say I started to look at buying one, because it didn’t get very much further than that at all. Who has a couple of grand to throw around on a new car and I was looking at second-hand cars. Let alone a brand new car with ten’s of thousands of gizmos and gadgets on it.

Then I knew what I was going to do, I had no need to buy a new or even new-ish car. The best option for me was going to be personal car leasing and finding a great car for a monthly fee. It removed the huge deposit sting and meant that someone else was responsible for the service and the MOT. What more could I want?

The decision to send me out to see customers was probably made with the best of company intentions, yet somehow, it has meant that I’ll make more money and get a new car out of it. I’m pretty sure I’m the real winner there.

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