Massive Networks Of Fake Accounts Found On Twitter

Juan Echeverria discovered massive networks of fake accounts on twitter. The computer scientist made the discovery by accident. As part of his graduate program, Juan was sampling twitter to discover how people actually use it. However during data analysis he observed strange patterns. These patterns led him to dig deeper. When he dug deeper he found several linked accounts being run by one person or group. The word “several” in the sentence before is a generalization for 350,000 accounts. All these accounts tied together and being operated by one person or group. It is even suggested that some networks might even be bigger than this.

Now we are not ones for conspiracy theories. In fact we are a bit too over cautious on believing anything. We even confirmed that the best online casinos such as Canada casinos online are rewarding real players with multi-million dollar prizes. This is after a conspiracy theory suggested that such reports where the creations of PR departments at online casinos.

But really hundreds of thousands of bots all with the same puppet master? To what greater end. What would this individual or group want to achieve. The sheer magnitude of the botnet already has us thinking fiction story kind of villain after world domination. If you control that size of a bot army you have a lot of power. You could sway public opinion on basically on topic. Steal an election may be? Hint Trumptrain. And he does have that evil villain thing going on for him doesn’t he? Not to mention he has already achieved World Domination (evil laugh).

What Does Twitter Think About It

Twitter is really concerned about the fake accounts. Accounts operated by bots “degrade” the user experience and are prohibited. Even though the social media sites have systems to fight spam, the hackers are also getting better at avoiding detection. That is why Twitter is actively trying to enforce their policy on automation by asking users to report spam.

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