My iPhone is soaking, what should I do? Find out how to dry out your iPhone and possibly save the data!

We all store so much data on our phones these days, but none of us really know how important that is to us until we lose it. We all rely on cloud backups, but sometimes we just haven’t configured it properly and when we need all that data back – it’s not there! So before you reach out for a data recovery expert, what do you do if your phone has been immersed in the bath, or your toddler has dropped it down the toilet! After a smashed screen, the second most common data recovery issue is water damage. Here we examine how you can rescue the data and what not to do.

Before thinking about plugging in your phone, it has to be completely dried and this is going to take days. Water and electricity don’t mix, so whatever you do – make sure you do not try charging the phone, syncing or backing up the data. Leave it well alone until you are absolutely sure that it is completely dry. Activating the circuits will simply result in short circuits and long-term damage.

A likely scenario is that your phone was switched on when it became immersed. You can either power it down or leave it in sleep mode. Either way there is a chance it could cause further damage and our opinion is that it should be powered down.

Remove the phone from its case and take out the SIM card and battery. Wipe off all the excess water and give it a gentle shake to dislodge any pockets of water. Avoid using a hair dryer or other heat source as this can cause static. Instead use a desiccant, like uncooked rice or better still a silica gel pack (the inside of a nappy are ideal). Put your phone in a container and completely cover it. Leave well alone for at least 48 hours or more if possible.

When completely dry, try powering on. If successful immediately back up your data because chances are that the phone won’t continue operating normally for very long. Failing this, you are going to need that data recovery expert. Fingers crossed and good luck!

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