My New World At Work

I work in a pretty typical office. We have a ring of offices around the outside of our floor, where the important people sit all day long doing nothing important. Then there are the rest of us in the middle, a vast open plan office, made up of clusters and pods of desks.

It’s a friendly place to work, as you never really know who you will be working next to each day. The hot desking policy is rife and very actively encouraged.

Our office is pretty normal most of the time, the odd cake sale for charity and Christmas jumper days aside. So, when I walked passed one of the big-wigs’ offices and saw them stood up at their desk, it really caught my eye.

They we working from a 4-foot-high desk. The computer, phone and notepads were all sat normally on this desk which was just raised high in the air. Looking into the office and only seeing my boss from the back, she just looked like she was conducting an imaginary orchestra.

Imagine being that high up in a company that you can spend your days pretending to be somewhere else. Well, guess what. I went back to my desk and did just that.

I do not need to be anyone’s boss to make the most of my time. I do not need to have an outside office with a window overlooking the rest of the world, for me to take myself into a day dream, so dream I did.

I headed back to my pod and made myself as comfortable as I could get whilst still looking vaguely like I was working. Then put my headphones in and escaped from the noise of the office.

I left behind the sounds of the photocopier, the glare of the monitor and even the annoying interruptions from the phone. I changed the function of everything in my view, the filing cabinets from were no longer stuffed full of Purchase Orders nor Invoices. They had become the secret store for the world’s most well-kept recipe, the incredible tasting fizz-popping chocolate that even Mr Wonka would have been proud of.

It was my job to make sure that no-one was able to steal our most prized asset and I was doing my job with gusto. Every person who walked anywhere near to our filling cabinets was profiled and evaluated. The simplest flick of an arm meant that they were hiding an ulterior motive. The prime suspect turned out to be the tea-lady, who thought she could conceal the recipe on the bottom shelf of her trolley and make off with millions.

If I told you that I managed to spend the whole afternoon in this make-believe world, then I really hope you believe me. Not just because it is a great way to spend your working day, but also it means that I might just have managed to achieve something all afternoon.

And I really need to tell her that I did something.

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