Nootropics to Make You Smarter

You take plenty of effort finding ways to enable yourself to get better at work or college. But are you skipping the most obvious and effective ways of all? Have you ever tried smart drugs? Does the term nootropics ring a bell? If the answer to all these questions is a big lousy ‘No’, then let us educate you about the fantabulous world of nootropics and its benefits.

Nootropics are a special class of naturally derived chemicals which enhance cognition. There are a variety of nootropics, each aimed at improving one or more cognitive traits like attention span, focus, concentration, alertness and so on. This concept of improving cognitive abilities using organic ingredients is not a new concept; it has been practised for centuries although the term nootropics was coined more recently. We have seen proof of humans using plants and other substances believed to have nootropic qualities in Egyptian texts. The Indians and Chinese also have recorded use of herbs that seemed to improve cognitive power. So basically nootropic is not a new concept, it was always here but you were blissfully unaware of it. However now since you got the idea of what exactly it is and wish to explore more about it on your own, head on straight for websites like Smart Pill Guide or else you could read on to find more about the best smart pills that make you smarter.

Here are three of the best Nootropics that we found worth trying-

Focus factor – Focus factor is an amalgamation of patented ingredients proven to improve focus and concentration within couple of weeks of this pill consumption. The manufacturer of this super drug claims to have tested this supplement in many ways to ensure safety of the pill. Several clinical studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of focus factor and in each study it was found that focus factor did indeed help in improving cognitive abilities of an individual.

Doxiderol – Doxiderol is yet another wonder drug packed with neurotransmitters that help in improving brain activity and amino acids that prevent brain cell degradation and promote brain activity. To give you that good feeling of alertness, the makers of this brain supplement have also added a decent amount of caffeine to this nootropic stack. Doxiderol is a six ingredient super pill that definitely shows good potential in increasing and improving brain activity.

Epiphany D1– Epiphany D1 is backed with solid reviews and testimonials from customers who are thoroughly satisfied with the performance of this pill. The core ingredients giving this brain supplement its nootropic quality include Oxiracetem and Aniracetem both of which have proven their worth as competent brain enhancers. Therefore this cognition enhancer is definitely a strong competitor in the nootropic world.

Before you decide to try any of the nootropic supplements we advise you make sure you are not sensitive to any of the ingredients used. Also make sure that you are consuming the right dosage because over dosage can lead to unwanted effects while under dosage will leave you wondering whether it was really worth the money spent as  you would  not see any prominent change in cognition. So make sure you always take the right amount, the right way to enjoy the nootropic effect.

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