Organizing a Corporate Event? Here’s How to Find the Perfect Venue

There are over 1.3 million business events held in the UK annually. The direct spending associated with UK meeting organizers is close to a whopping £25 billion. The aesthetic aspect of a meeting room is a key element that is often overlooked by event planners. Many planners who value other aspects, such as location and costs, end up choosing a simple meeting room for their events. 

How do you find the perfect conference venue? There are many aspects to consider and facilities your attendees will need which is important to keep in mind when choosing Luton conference venues, says experts at Holiday Inn Luton South. Follow these quick guidelines to ensure an exceptional meeting experience for your guests. 


According to an industry survey, at 63%, accessibility is the prime factor in choosing an event destination. The location of the event venue is vital for maximizing event turnout.  Corporate event planners should ensure that transport to the place is easily available so that participants can easily travel by plane, train or car – with enough parking spaces for those attendees that decide to drive to the event by themselves. Choose Luton airport hotels that come with ample parking facilities to cater to this eventuality.

Availability & Suitability

Planners need to check on the availability of the venue, and if it is peak season, then it could have an impact on the effective use of the common spaces, which lend themselves to excellent organic event networking areas. Other meetings on site should not clash with the event’s brand message. If the venue is not within a hotel, ensuring that suitable accommodations are available within a reasonable distance of the event is a point that often gets overlooked. Apart from parking facilities, look for Luton airport hotels with spacious meeting rooms, so you don’t need to transport guests to and from the meeting venue.

Staffing & Facilities

A good attendee-to-venue staff ratio helps to ensure if there will be enough wait staff, concierge support, security and tech support for the event. Choose meeting rooms that have all of the components that you will need for the event, including audiovisual equipment, stages, microphones, lecterns, television sets, charging stations and Wi-Fi availability. According to a 2018 study, 78% of event professionals agree that wifi availability and its poor performance was a source of considerable consternation among conference attendees.

Food and Beverage

Since 34% of event organizers spend a large chunk of their budget on catering, planners should negotiate with the venue for options – to bring in outside vendors, to accommodate requests for food allergies or special diets, to order a la carte during the event or even last-minute requests from guests.


Signage and branding opportunities available throughout the venue should be exploited as much as possible. Don’t hesitate to use an electronic marquee, outdoor signage or even in the elevator space to highlight the event.

Luton airport hotels offer excellent meeting rooms, along with enough parking that not only appeal to guests by their aesthetic design, but also provide great meeting services to ensure that your event is a grand success.

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