What to look for in a personal trainer 


It’s that time of year when people are beginning to show tell-tale signs of getting behind with their new year’s resolution of keeping fit, shifting all the blame on lack of time and slow results. That is why getting a personal trainer could be worth its weight in gold.  

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Hypnobirthing:  Is it for you? 


The impending birth of your little one can not only be exciting but also frightening especially if it is your first.  There are many mothers to be that worry due to horror stories whereas other mothers to be are anxious on how the epidural will affect their child.

But did you know the women who practice hypnobirthing are much more likely to have a short labour and their chances of needing a C-section or other interventions are heavily reduced?

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Understanding Time Line Therapy ™ 


Time Line Therapy™, often referred to as simply TLT, is a powerful healing practice that has developed from the concepts of NLP and hypnosis. It was developed in the 1980’s by Tad James by adding a therapeutic approach to the idea that all our memories are storied in a time line form within our mental storage system.

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Losing Weight with Hypnotherapy 


It is essential to maintain your perfect weight for your height if you want to maintain optimum well-being and health. Obesity, or even just being a little overweight, can have drastic effects on mental health, physical health and overall lifestyle.

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Thrombosed Hemorrhoids 


Haemorrhoids are more common than many people realise and lots of people are suffering in silence.  They are usually small veins inside the lining of the lower rectum that become more engorged than usual causing pain and discomfort.

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Hypnosis and Positive Changes 


Hypnotherapy has been used to treat medical conditions across the globe throughout history. Though the western world has been slow to recognise and embrace the powerful benefits of hypnosis, modern medical professionals are increasingly resorting to hypnosis to encourage positive changes in their patients.

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Why should you consider organic food? 


So you have walked down the fresh fruit and veg aisles at your local supermarket but is it worth paying the extra for organic food?  Will eating organic leave you leading a healthier and happier life or is it simply a fad?  The answers to these questions are not always black and white but they are questions that come up all the time.

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