Whats Your Favourite Timeless Trend?

In most cases, fashion is fleeting, season by season your once favourite purchase can become the latest fashion tragedy to fall off the face of the fashion scene almost instantaneously.

While high street and high end all compete to produce the newest trends, have you ever noticed that new leather skirt in all the shops looks very similar to the same one you purchased a few seasons ago if so, you’re not alone!

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How to Bring More Natural Light into Your Home

There are plenty of natural light benefits when it comes to your physical and mental health. Therefore, it’s no wonder that people seek ways to introduce more natural light into their homes even unconsciously. There are plenty of ways to do this, and you may not even be aware of what you can do with your home. Sometimes, it’s easy to give up just because you simply don’t have the room or budget for adding extra windows. But this is not the only way, even though it’s definitely an obvious one. To boost the natural lighting inside your home turn to the following tips for help and inspiration.

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My New World At Work

I work in a pretty typical office. We have a ring of offices around the outside of our floor, where the important people sit all day long doing nothing important. Then there are the rest of us in the middle, a vast open plan office, made up of clusters and pods of desks.

It’s a friendly place to work, as you never really know who you will be working next to each day. The hot desking policy is rife and very actively encouraged.

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How to Choose a Perfect Sofa for Your Living Room

A sofa is a centrepiece of every living room. It is where you will spend most of your time while at home, so making sure it fits nicely into the décor should be your number one priority. The carefully selected sofa can breathe life into smaller living rooms, and fill up the empty space in the larger ones. However, if you went sofa shopping, then you probably already know that finding the perfect one can be challenging when faced with thousands of choices.

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Safe Travelling In Winter

Now that Christmas is over with, it always amazes me that we haven’t had the worst of the weather. You would think, that after spending nearly thirty years experiencing the same thing every single year, that I would have gotten used to it by now. The winter months do not just magically stop with the calendar year, they manage to grow with anger right up beyond February.

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5 Most Romantic Spots in Hampstead

Planning Your Perfect Date

Hampstead is full of cute, romantic spots to take that special someone in your life to.

Hampstead is one of the most popular areas of London to visit. With a rich liberal, artistic and literary heritage, it’s not hard to see why. So if you’re looking to impress that special someone, a trip to Hampstead could be the perfect move! There’s lots of things to do, whether you’re heading out on a first date or you’re celebrating a special occasion with a long-term partner. A walk on the famous Heath? Dinner in a chic French eatery? A taste of the area’s culture? Whatever you and your significant other love to do, you’ll find that Hampstead has plenty to offer you both.

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Dreaming Of Unforgettable Bali Holidays? – Book Yours with The Seven Holiday

Bali is an island filled with natural treasures of diverse categories. The term paradise is apt for this place as the natural beauty associated with it is simply unbelievable. It is one of the prime tourist destinations in the world. The island offers an amazing experience of beach life, water sports and surfing in the Indian Ocean. Nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy the tropical jungles, sandy coastline, and mountainous geography associated with this island. Along with this, Bali also offers a rich heritage of traditional cuisine, culture and tradition, thereby making it a destination that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Bali is all about exploring the serene environment and celebrating life.

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How To Avoid Betting Scams

Before we get started, we have to share a universal truth. Betting is hard. You have to invest a lot of time doing research on every single bet you place and spend hours upon hours watching countless sports matches. Every punter who respects his bankroll follows this betting routine and he rarely regrets his decision. Betting is hard, but the rewards you reap from this struggle make it worth it. This is why there are few things more frustrating than having to deal with sportsbooks that do not respect the time and effort you put into every single bet and try to scam you the first chance they get. Following popular demand, we have deemed it necessary to show you how you can avoid betting scams and stay away from cheating bookmakers.

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Top Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair and Scalp This Winter

With the festive season approaching and the colder weather setting in, it’s not just our skin that needs some extra attention of this winter. The change in temperature can wreak havoc with our tresses from flat hat hair to heat damaged frizz, we’ve all been there and taming those locks can sometimes be a little trickier than expected.

So before you head for the heat to flatten that frizz, take a look at these handy tips to make your scalp and hair healthier over the winter months.

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