Your Brain on a Break: Top Apps to Relax and Rewind Your Mind

It is not difficult to see how you can get stressed with so much of your day taken up with work and family commitments and very little time left to pause and try and unscramble your mind.

Here is a look at some apps that could help you to unwind and give your brain a break from the stresses of the day. There is an insight into a time management technique to use, a childhood activity that adults also love, plus some meditation options and a plant-growing path to peace and tranquility.

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7 Coachella Must Haves

It’s Coachella season again, and the excitement is in the air. Need help preparing? Check out this awesome survival guide by Frameology.

This year, Radiohead, Lady Gaga, and Kendrick Lamar, along with a plethora of other artists and performers, will take the stage to give us a performance of the ages. If you’ve already booked your ticket, you’re about to get turnt. To make sure your weekend is as magical as possible, we put together this list of Coachella essentials. Read up and enjoy!

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7 Tips for Playing the Powerball

The American Powerball is undoubtedly the most well-known lottery game in the world, and rightfully so. In January 2016, almost everyone wanted to get in on the Powerball action when the lottery offered a record jackpot of $1.58 billion. That astounding prize sent players rushing to purchase Powerball tickets in hopes that they would win the jackpot, which was eventually shared by three lucky ticket holders.

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Don’t Join a Gym, Buy a Bike!

Exercise is essential if we want to keep our bodies in trim, especially as we grow older! Even youngsters need to keep active in order to be as healthy as they can, and there are many ways to remain in good shape. Many people – especially adults – choose to join a gym, and those that attend regularly will get their money’s worth, but it’s a known fact there are hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of gym memberships that go largely unused. That’s money that, for anyone with a family or a home to keep, could be better used elsewhere, so what do you do for exercise if you don’t go to the gym?

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High Fructose Foods To Increase The Metabolism Drastically

Over the recent years, fructose has become very popular in the food industry mainly because it can be used as a food sweetening agent. Although fructose is mostly known to be present in unhealthy foodstuffs such as soft drinks, it is also found abundantly in fruits and veggies. When consumed in large quantities, fructose present in soft drinks can increase the blood glucose to a level that can be difficult to bring down. Since the advent of non-alcoholic beverages, the number of reported cases of people suffering from fructose intolerance has really escalated.

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How to create a motivational home office

We’ve all been there; in a mad rush to answer a few emails and submit documents, you’ve found yourself balancing a mug of coffee and a laptop on the arm of your sofa, while keeping half an eye on an intriguing television phone-in. One false move, and it’s all going to go pear-shaped. Sure, working from home can be utterly liberating, but it also comes with a host of distractions that could sabotage your dream career from within. If you’re anything like us, you’ll need a dedicated office space from which to work, but where do you start?

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Massive Networks Of Fake Accounts Found On Twitter

Juan Echeverria discovered massive networks of fake accounts on twitter. The computer scientist made the discovery by accident. As part of his graduate program, Juan was sampling twitter to discover how people actually use it. However during data analysis he observed strange patterns. These patterns led him to dig deeper. When he dug deeper he found several linked accounts being run by one person or group. The word “several” in the sentence before is a generalization for 350,000 accounts. All these accounts tied together and being operated by one person or group. It is even suggested that some networks might even be bigger than this.

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Your At Home Spa Retreat

A hectic week is best ended with a long relaxing weekend that rejuvenates you for the next one. It is important that we realize the value of taking time for ourselves when we are surrounded by a ton of chores or work. It not only helps us understand how important our mental and physical well-being is but also keeps us sane enough to tackle another (mostly) dreaded Monday morning. And undoubtedly, one of the best ways to relax is to go to a spa. But if you are too busy or just want to spend a day in, you can try these three steps to re-create the spa experience by yourself:

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