How To Prepare Your Car For a Long Trip

You know the drill by now, if you are heading out on a long car journey then you pack the drinks, some sweets and the headphones for the kids. Anything to keep you travelling and avoiding the normal arguments coming from the back seats.

So just as you would get yourself ready for the journey, there are some essential things to check on the car before you set off. Have a look through our #CarSafetyChecklist and make sure your car is safe before your next journey. Or if you are unsure about anything to do with your car, then it could be worth looking at or popping into their garage and let the professionals check it over and give you some answers.

In the meantime, here are ten most crucial things to be aware of for any car owner:

  1. Tyres

The only things keeping you on the road are your tyres. You should check the pressure and tread every two weeks.

  1. Screen wash

With the winter approaching, this becomes more and more important. You really wouldn’t want to run out as a puddle of mud is splashed up into your windscreen.

  1. Engine oil

There are max and min levels on your dipstick to show you how much oil you should have, if you are regularly having to top up, then something is wrong and you should get your car into a garage.

  1. Windscreen wipers

If you replace your windscreen wipers once a year, it will prevent any smearing from happening.

  1. Lights

You should check that all of your lights are working and that the housing does not have any cracks in them. When winter hits, you will be using your headlights nearly all the time.

  1. Toolkit

You should have a jack and the locking nut for your wheel, if not that spare wheel is completely useless. A Hi-Vis jacket is also highly recommended.

  1. Documentation

You don’t want to think about the worst, but if you should need assistance, do you have all your paperwork with you? Make sure it is packed in the car.

  1. Water levels

The engine coolant level is another key gauge on your car. When your engine is cold and you haven’t been out in the car for a few hours, check to make sure that your water levels are correct. If not, simply top these up.

  1. Windscreen

A small chip in the windscreen, can quickly progress into a crack and then the whole windscreen will need replacing. Tiny cracks can be treated to prevent them from growing and saving you the cost and inconvenience of having to replace the whole thing.

  1. Bodywork

Every so often and before long journeys, it is worth having a walk around your car to spot for any damage to the bodywork. Small scrapes and dents can allow rust to start on panels and underneath the car. If you catch these early enough, they are fairly easy to treat.


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