Safe Travelling In Winter

Now that Christmas is over with, it always amazes me that we haven’t had the worst of the weather. You would think, that after spending nearly thirty years experiencing the same thing every single year, that I would have gotten used to it by now. The winter months do not just magically stop with the calendar year, they manage to grow with anger right up beyond February.

Yet, every year, I am still surprised, and that is why every year my Dad has the pleasure of reminding me to put my emergency bag in my car. He takes so much joy at listing all of the essentials which I should have, that I just don’t seem to be able to tell him, that I finally relented and followed his instructions last year.

Putting a bag in the boot with a jumper, some gloves, a couple of bottles of water and some energy bars, shouldn’t have been that much hassle. I take less to the gym every day, but somehow, it just seemed like to much work for me to bother with.

I use the past-tense there, and it is with good reason. Last year, I didn’t have a bag in the boot and I was just wearing a pair of shorts and a hoodie, when I popped out to the fish and chip shop. I was literally going 5 minutes down the road and I was picking up dinner. Who would plan to make an expedition out of that? I was lucky in the fact that I even put trainers on and didn’t just go out in my slippers.

Well, you can probably guess what the outcome of my trip was, but probably not how it happened. The snow had been threatening to stick all day, but the roads were clear. I got to the chippie fine, dinner in hand, then the snow chose its perfect moment to settle all over the road. It didn’t just choose the road though, it made a special effort to choose and redirect from 5 miles around, to land specifically at the exit to the car park.

I wasn’t the first to try and drive over and out of the exit, I wasn’t even the second, mainly because I didn’t even get a chance. The guy who went first, managed to turn his car sideways and collect the barrier. We didn’t even get the chance to crash, someone else took care of that for us.

Instead, I got the joy of a fifteen-minute walk home, through thick snow, with my shins red raw for the whole journey. The only saving grace was the bag of pipping hot chips which I put up my hoodie as a make shift hot-water bottle.

I’ll never tell Dad the real reason that I now have a bag in the back, instead I told him about this infographic I saw from, he’s just happy that I have finally listened to his advice.

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