Smoking with Style: When You Want the Best, You Should Be Checking Out These 7 Great High End Pipes

Tobacco pipes have been around for ages, and lots of people swear by them. However, buying a new tobacco pipe can often be quite challenging due to how many different types of pipes are out there. To make your job easier, we’re going to highlight 7 of the most popular high end pipes people are stoked about:

  1. Scotte Lobular Ebony Smoking Pipe 9mm Filter Element Tobacco Pipe

Its wood is well-crafted and the pipe is quite charming to look at. In fact, apart from a couple of sections, it’s almost entirely made of wood. Being 6.1 inches long, it’s one of the longest smoking pipes out there. You’ll be able to fit a lot of tobacco in there. It’s also incredibly affordable and heat resistant.

  1. Missouri Meerschaum – Country Gentleman Corn Cob Tobacco Pipe – Bent Bit

This pipe was made to last due to its durable construction. This particular model comes with a cool perk – its bent bit, which should make using it quite a bit more convenient. Its bowl is unique since it can hold much more tobacco than the typical pipe.

  1. Small Shiny Tobacco Pipe

Affordable and durable, this tobacco pipe is a top-choice for those who are looking to get the most for their money. Make no mistake, this product looks absolutely fabulous and has “premium” written all over it. As you can probably tell, the bowl can hold a lot of tobacco.

  1. Marbleized Tobacco Durable Pipe 30*101

If marblerized prints rock your boat, your should put this pipe on your shopping list right away. Weighing less than 3.2 ounces, it’s also quite comfortable to hold. Being well-built and durable, it will serve you for years to come. Bonus points for being straightforward to disassemble and clean.

  1. LifeVV Tobacco Pipe Ebony Wooden Smoking Pipe With Accessories And Gift Package

Being one of the high end tobacco pipes, its crafted from top-quality ebony wood. Deeply examining its structure reveals that each grain is unique. This particular model is quite efficient at preventing the smoke from escaping where it’s not supposed to. Also, it comes with a free set of pipe cleaners.

  1. Missouri Meerschaum – Legend Corn Cob Tobacco Pipe – Flat, Straight Bit

This design is one of the most unique ones you can find and the pipe is made with an American grown corn cob, which is not something you see every day. It’s the perfect mix of functionality, appeal, and price. Its light weight makes it easy to hold, but it’s no less durable because of it.

  1. Missouri Meerschaum – Country Gentleman Corn Cob Tobacco Pipe – Bent Bit

If you like corn cob pipes, this is a great choice as well. Whenever you need to replace the filter, you will find the task is quite easy to accomplish thanks to it accepting standard size filters. This smoking pipe is quite durable and lightweight as well and doesn’t have any kind of issues with heat resistance whatsoever.


Picking the right smoking pipe for you should always be strongly based on how much you like its looks, size, shape, and materials. Even the high end pipes are not that expensive, so trying to save too much money on your purchase doesn’t make too much sense in this case. After all, a good smoking pipe will remain at your side for numerous years. Have you laid your eyes on a particular model yet?

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