The Signs Are Coming

When you hear that voice inside your head and immediately know that you have taken on the persona of your parents, it is not the first sign of what has happened.

There were the early signs which you just thought were funny little events. The first time that you booked a dentist appointment for yourself and actually attended. The time that you took all of the garden waste to the local tip and put the recyclables into the right container.

It is even evident when you are booking holidays with friends. The friends have turned into partners and the five-in-a-room tactic of saving money has morphed into looking for the quietest hotel away from annoying children tactic.

The last straw and possibly the most significant sign that you had indeed got old was when you tuned the radio into BBC Radio 1 and didn’t recognise any of the music or the presenters. The slow transition went through 5Live and Radio 2 before you settled on the dulcet tones of Radio 4 or Classic FM. 

We have got old. It’s something which none of us really thought would happen. Mid-life was always going to be hard, but we seem to have skipped this step and jumped straight into being the old person our parents were.

The most annoying thing that I find about the whole situation, isn’t that it has happened, but that I seemed to want it to happen. The late nights and 4 am walks of shame have stopped and been replaced by leaving the house at six to make sure I can get to the gym before work. This isn’t an accidental change, I planned for this, I knew I couldn’t go out and still be up at six.

I say it is annoying but I have welcomed the changes. To start with, I am not eighteen anymore and I actually need the structure and routine in my life. I need to clear the rubbish out of my house and to look after myself. These are the things I need to do to have a better me.

So when I hear that voice of my dad inside my head and then the words of my mum pop out of my mouth, I know why. They are still looking after me, long after I have fled the family nest. It means that I can fully embrace the changes and the older me can use a mature head to make the most out of this new outlook on life.

I can now enjoy a walk around the new DIY store, I can make the most of the rain to make sure all of the plants are watered, I can spend a lazy Saturday afternoon sat playing TheBingoOnline and enjoy the thrill of watching my numbers pop up.

I can even enjoy booking the dentist appointments. Well, nearly enjoy booking them, they still mean I have to show up, which we all know is not the fun part of any day.


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