Things You Will Learn After Moving to Glasgow

Glasgow is such an amazing city. It is a perfect balance of a laid-back and modern life. There are a lot of people who visit this city each year because it has a lot to offer. Imagine living in this place. You will feel like you are in paradise every single day.  

If you are from a different city in the UK, Glasgow can still surprise you in many ways. There are a lot of things that you can learn when you decide to settle in this historic city with breath-taking scenery.

The city offers delicious water

You will notice it as soon as you arrive in Glasgow, especially if you are originally from London. The taste of the water is totally different. They also have really soft water which makes it even better. Later on, you will also see that your kettle will not have limescale. This is how clean the water is.

You will realise that green and white stripes are a taboo

Again, this seems really shallow, but you will be surprised by how much hatred the locals have for green and white stripes. Just avoid wearing anything with this pattern if you can. This could mean that you are a Celtic fan. The other fans might like it but when you walk into a pub with Rangers fans, it could spell disaster.

The city is unbelievably green

When you have lived in London for a long time, there are instances when you take a break and head to the countryside. This is just to see lush green views. You won’t have to do it anymore if you have moved to Glasgow because the city itself is already green. You wake up each day to breath-taking views of untouched nature. You will smell the fresh air. If there comes a time when you feel tired of the city, heading to other nearby towns and rural places is very easy.

There’s a curfew for selling booze

You might think that Scottish people are big when it comes to booze. The truth is that they have a strong 10 pm curfew on the sale of alcohol. Therefore, you need to plan in advance if you want to drink more alcohol so that you can buy more bottles before it is time for stores to stop selling them. Furthermore, clubs close at 3 am. There might be underground rave parties, but you better condition yourself to the idea that nightlife ends at 3 am.

It is always rainy in Glasgow

Be prepared to face rainy days when you are in Glasgow. It is quite normal in the city. There are sunny days though and it seems to be really festive during these days, as a lot of people are out. Don’t miss the chance to stroll around the parks when it is sunny.

There is a lot more to discover when you decide to move to Glasgow. For now, focus on packing your stuff. Seek help from Movecorp UK if you have a hard time dealing with all the moving details. They will make sure you can move to Glasgow seamlessly.

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