Three Ingredient Swaps That Will Make Your Food More Nutritious

A lot of people try to eat healthy but struggle when choosing the right ways to do so. Often even the exercise of buying healthy food at the grocery gets so frustrating and time consuming that people end up getting take away food on their way back! Here are some easy swaps that you can do to make healthy eating feasible (and enjoyable):

  1. Kale for Cabbage: Kale has a number of health benefits and can provide your body with Vitamin A, Calcium, and huge doses of iron. Replacing cabbage with kale will increase the nutritive value of foods that are even generally less healthier. How about ditching a coleslaw and making a kale slaw the next time instead?
  2. Sorghum Flour for Regular Flour: Sorghum is an ancient grain that is rich in antioxidants and is easy on the digestive system. It has a natural sweetness, so baked goods require less sugar. Where wheat flour does not have much that is nutritious, sorghum flour will provide you with with all the nutrition that you never even expected from baked goods.

3. Quinoa for Rice: Rice is a part of a large number of dishes all over the world. This famous ingredient is nutritious in form of brown or whole grain rice but the widely used while variety is nutritionally weak. You can make more out of your meals by using quinoa anywhere you would use rice. Quinoa is a complete source of protein, is high in important vitamins and minerals, and has a pleasing flavor and texture. Quinoa is as good for your health as bingo is for your brain! Check out some online bingo UK sites to find how bingo can boost your mental well being.

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